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A Body-Worn Localization System for Firefighters

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Body-Worn Localization System for Firefighters_On-Demand Session
Body-Worn Localization System for Firefighters_On-Demand Session
In this talk, we will discuss a rapidly deployable infrastructure-free localization system to track firefighters inside of a structure such as a building. Our goal is to provide fire safety chiefs who are responsible for team accountability a live feed on a tablet or computer outside of the facility that can show the position of each firefighter within. Given the hostile nature of burning structures and the time criticality of missions, this requires that a system can track firefighters without any pre-installed internal and limited external infrastructure, and without assuming knowledge of the structure’s layout. For a system to be practically adopted at scale, it also needs to be low-cost and extremely simple to configure and deploy. We will focus on four new topics: (1) a scalable UWB ranging system, (2) an Open-Source Range-Only SLAM Platform, (3) a new relative positional tracking system that does not require fixed infrastructure and (4) early integrations with Augmented Reality platforms.


  • Anthony Rowe, Carnegie Mellon University

Created May 19, 2020, Updated October 21, 2020