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Automated Streams Analytics for Public Safety

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ASAPS_On-Demand Session
ASAPS_On-Demand Session
The session will introduce the audience to the new PSCR Automated Streams Analysis for Public Safety (ASAPS) prize challenge program. This unique program brings together research across the PSCR Analytics Portfolio, and provides an opportunity for participants to create prototype real-time emergency detection, analysis, alerting, visualization, and situation awareness applications for emergency operations centers. ASAPS is a multi-phase challenge to apply the state-of-the-art in AI technologies to the many live streams of data that public safety must currently monitor to automatically analyze critically important information about emergencies as they happen. ASAPS is designed to solicit innovative concepts and foster teaming and collaboration. Contestants will design and develop technology solutions to the analytic components needed to create progressively more sophisticated ASAPS system prototypes. The data that will be used to drive the R&D for the contests are collected and synchronized from staged emergency scenes viewed by many CCTV cameras and synthesized dispatch communications, situation logging, 911 calls, social media postings, responder audio and textual communications, GPS, and sensor data; The data will be automatically streamed to contestant algorithms within a state-of-the-art integration framework simulating real-time data streaming and communications and providing common APIs to contestant-developed analytic components supporting real-time multi-modal data analysis, information representation, analytic reporting, information visualization, and user interaction. Prizes will be awarded to contestants for various aspects of their prototype solutions. The session will feature speakers including the NIST ASAPS challenge leads John Garofolo and Craig Connelly, Keil Green, CEO of the Lafayette Group who is organizing and implementing the challenges under contract to NIST, and a public safety representative, Julie Stroup, the Public Safety Video Program Manager for the Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security. ASAPS will foster ground-breaking multidisciplinary R&D for real-time multi-modal data stream analysis, information fusion, and information delivery to help provide public safety with critical real-time emergency situation information to save lives, property, and infrastructure where every second counts!

Click here to view this presentation as a PDF. 


  • Craig Connelly, PSCR
  • John Garofolo, Multimodal Information Group
  • Julie Stroup, Houston Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security
  • Keil Green, Lafayette Group

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Created May 12, 2020, Updated November 1, 2020