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ACE: Framework for Creating, Testing, & Transitioning Analytics to Public Safety

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ACE Project_Tech Demo
ACE Project_Tech Demo
The demo will consist of a camera capturing live video of the demo area and streaming the feed through several object detection analytics. Playback of the video will be displayed on the screen with the results of the object detection analytics (bounding boxes, classifications, and confidence scores) overlayed on top of the video. Participants will be able to interact with the demo to change the compression used to stream the video to the analytics and observe the effect this has on their object detection performance. Detector confidence and other metrics will be recorded and displayed graphically as well.


  • james.horan [at] (Jim Horan), Multimodal Information Group NIST
  • Nicholas Burnett, Data Machines Corporation

Created May 26, 2020, Updated October 26, 2020