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VQiPS: Discrimination Level

Guide to Defining Video Quality Requirements

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VQiPS: Use Classes

Discrimination Level

Specifies a capacity to recognize a target of interest according to a given level of discrimination.

You can use video for identifying a wide range of detail, from motion detection to positive identification of a person for forensic evidence. Not every video system needs to be capable of performing positive identification. Select a video system that conforms to the requirements the application needs, without over- or under- specifying the system.

Use Characteristics
Consider:  What level of discrimination do you need to recognize a target of interest?
Use DiscriminationCharacteristicExample
High-level description of actions that took placeGeneral Elements of the ActionPeople or person present
Large-scale recognitionTarget Class RecognitionCar vs Van
Medium-scale detail recognitionTarget CharacteristicsGender, markings, smaller actions
Enough detail to make a positive recognitionTarget Positive IDFace, object, alpha-numeric

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Created September 29, 2016, Updated October 19, 2016