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Sensor Science Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Gerald T. Fraser Division Chief gerald.fraser [at] Fed
Christina E. Brown Division Secretary christina.brown [at] Fed
Andrea L. Swiger Administrative Assistant andrea.swiger [at] Fed

Surface and Interface Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Maria E. Nadal Group Leader maria.nadal [at] Fed
James Bowie Group Office Manager james.bowie [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Robert Bao robert.bao [at] Assoc
John H. Burnett john.burnett [at] Fed
Joseph Chue-Sang joseph.chue-sang [at] Assoc
Catherine Cooksey catherine.cooksey [at] Fed
Thomas A. Germer thomas.germer [at] Fed
Aaron Goldfain aaron.goldfain [at] Fed
Ulf Griesmann ulf.griesmann [at] Fed
Maritoni Litorja maritoni.litorja [at] Fed
Maria E. Nadal maria.nadal [at] Fed
Heather Patrick heather.patrick [at] Fed
Thomas Brian Renegar thomas.renegar [at] Fed
Sam Smith sam.smith [at] Assoc
Jun-Feng Song [at] Fed
Johannes A. Soons johannes.soons [at] Fed
William (Bill) Sparks Assoc
Michael T. Stocker michael.stocker [at] Fed
Theodore V. Vorburger theodore.vorburger [at] Assoc
Clarence Zarobila clarence.zarobila [at] Fed
Xiaoyu Alan Zheng alan.zheng [at] Fed

Dimensional Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Daniel S. Sawyer Group Leader daniel.sawyer [at] Fed
James Bowie Group Office Manager james.bowie [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Sia Badri sia.badri [at] Assoc
James Bowie james.bowie [at] Fed
Michael Braine michael.braine [at] Fed
Beverly M. Connelly beverly.connelly [at] Fed
Braden Czapla braden.czapla [at] Fed
Theodore D. Doiron theodore.doiron [at] Assoc
Patrick Egan patrick.egan [at] Fed
Dennis S. Everett dennis.everett [at] Fed
Bryon S. Faust bryon.faust [at] Fed
Michael Gutowski michael.gutowski [at] Assoc
Octavio Icasio Hernandez octavio.icasio-hernandez [at] IntlAssoc
Vincent Lee vincent.d.lee [at] Fed
Bala Muralikrishnan bala.muralikrishnan [at] Fed
Jayaraman Raja Assoc
Wei Ren [at] Fed
Daniel S. Sawyer daniel.sawyer [at] Fed
Craig M. Shakarji craig.shakarji [at] Fed
Meghan Shilling katharine.shilling [at] Fed
Eric S. Stanfield eric.stanfield [at] Fed
John R. Stoup john.stoup [at] Fed
Lindsey Zhang lindsey.zhang [at] Assoc

Thermodynamic Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Julia Scherschligt Group Leader julia.scherschligt [at] Fed
Christina E. Brown Group Office Manager christina.brown [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Zeeshan Ahmed zeeshan.ahmed [at] Fed
Brandon Alexander-Oluwajuyemi brandon.alexander-oluwajuyemi [at] Assoc
Christopher Alvarez christopher.alvarez [at] Ctr
Benjamin Baldwin Assoc
Daniel Barker daniel.barker [at] Fed
Michal J. Chojnacky michal.chojnacky [at] Fed
Christina Dawn Cross christina.cross [at] Assoc
Kevin O. Douglass kevin.douglass [at] Fed
Stephen Eckel stephen.eckel [at] Fed
James A. Fedchak james.fedchak [at] Fed
Karen Garrity karen.garrity [at] Fed
Robert Haines Assoc
Matthew Hartings matthew.hartings [at] Assoc
Tobias Herman tobias.herman [at] Fed
Pilgyu Kang Assoc
Nikolai Klimov nikolai.klimov [at] Fed
David La Mantia david.lamantia [at] Fed
Seung Min Lee Assoc
Christopher W. Meyer christopher.meyer [at] Fed
W. Wyatt Miller w.miller [at] Fed
Klaus Natorf Quelhas klaus.quelhas [at] IntlAssoc
Emmanuel Newsome emmanuel.newsome [at] Fed
Eric Norrgard eric.norrgard [at] Fed
Ashutosh Rao ashutosh.rao [at] IntlAssoc
Jacob Edmond Ricker jacob.ricker [at] Fed
Sarah Robinson sarah.robinson [at] Fed
Bethany Rodman bethany.rodman [at] Assoc
Kayla Rodriguez kayla.rodriguez [at] Assoc
Nusrat Sarwahrdy nusrat.sarwahrdy [at] Assoc
Julia Scherschligt julia.scherschligt [at] Fed
Abrar Sheikh abrar.a.sheikh [at] Assoc
Mohammad Tadayon mohammad.tadayon [at] Assoc
Weston L. Tew weston.tew [at] Fed

Optical Radiation Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Howard W. Yoon Group Leader howard.yoon [at] Fed
Lorna F. Armiger Group Office Manager lorna.armiger [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Lorna F. Armiger lorna.armiger [at] Fed
Uwe Arp uwe.arp [at] Fed
Robert F. Berg robert.berg [at] Fed
Karen Bryant Assoc
Phillip Chamberlin Ctr
Francis Eparvier Ctr
Alex P. Farrell alex.farrell [at] Fed
Stephanie Flora Assoc
Charles Gibson charles.gibson [at] Fed
Murthy Gudipati Assoc
Edward Hagley edward.hagley [at] Fed
Jeanne M. Houston jeanne.houston [at] Fed
B. Carol Johnson carol.johnson [at] Fed
Andrew Jones andrew.r.jones [at] Assoc
Vladimir B. Khromchenko vladimir.khromchenko [at] Fed
Laura Kohnert Assoc
Charles LaBonde Assoc
Thomas C. Larason thomas.larason [at] Fed
Jiaye Li [at] IntlAssoc
Francis J. Lovas francis.lovas [at] Assoc
Thomas B. Lucatorto thomas.lucatorto [at] Assoc
James Mason Assoc
C Cameron Miller c.miller [at] Fed
Steven Penton Assoc
Vyacheslav B. Podobedov vyacheslav.podobedov [at] Fed
Bennet Schwab Assoc
Robert Sewell Assoc
Alan Sims Assoc
Charles S. Tarrio charles.tarrio [at] Fed
Gail Tate Assoc
Edward Thiemann Assoc
Matthew Triplett Ctr
Benjamin K. Tsai benjamin.tsai [at] Fed
Robert E. Vest robert.vest [at] Fed
Donald Woodraska Assoc
Thomas Woods Ctr
Howard W. Yoon howard.yoon [at] Fed
Yuqin Zong yuqin.zong [at] Fed

Sensor Science - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Christina E. Brown christina.brown [at] Fed
Gerald T. Fraser gerald.fraser [at] Fed
Carrie A. Hart carrie.hart [at] Fed
Jay H. Hendricks jay.hendricks [at] Fed
Yoshi Ohno yoshi.ohno [at] Fed
John C. Stephenson john.stephenson [at] Assoc
Jack A. Stone Jr. jack.stone [at] Assoc
Andrea L. Swiger andrea.swiger [at] Fed

Remote Sensing Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Joseph P. Rice Group Leader joe.rice [at] Fed
Robin Lee Group Office Manager robin.lee [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Brian Alberding brian.alberding [at] Fed
David W. Allen david.allen [at] Fed
Steven W. Brown steven.brown [at] Fed
Thinh Bui thinh.bui [at] Fed
Clifford Burnes Assoc
Adriaan Carter adriaan.carter [at] Assoc
Joshua Carter joshua.carter [at] Assoc
Susana Deustua susana.deustua [at] Fed
Steven Grantham steven.grantham [at] Fed
Leonard Hanssen leonard.hanssen [at] Fed
Lucy Hutyra Assoc
Taylor Jones Assoc
Marie Juliano marie.juliano [at] Fed
Timothy M. Jung timothy.jung [at] Assoc
Simon G. Kaplan simon.kaplan [at] Fed
Clare Kohler Assoc
Robin Lee robin.lee [at] Fed
Barry Logan Assoc
Faith Makumbi faith.makumbi [at] Assoc
Julia Marrs julia.marrs [at] Fed
Stephen Maxwell stephen.maxwell [at] Fed
Melanie Mayes Assoc
Joel McCorkel Assoc
Kristopher Onderko Assoc
James E. Proctor james.proctor [at] Assoc
Jaret Reblin Assoc
Andrew Reinmann andrew.reinmann [at] Assoc
Ronald Resmini Assoc
Joseph P. Rice joe.rice [at] Fed
Dale Sears dale.sears [at] Assoc
Tesfatsion Sereke Assoc
Ping-Shine Shaw [at] Fed
Eric L. Shirley eric.shirley [at] Fed
Elmer Slonecker Assoc
Ian Smith Assoc
Rajagopal Srinivasan rajagopal.srinivasan [at] Assoc
Hristiana Stoynova Assoc
Rand Swanson Assoc
Ricardo Toledo-Crow Assoc
Kevin Turpie Assoc
Jeffrey Warren Assoc
Joy Winbourne Assoc
Solomon I. Woods solomon.woods [at] Fed
John T. Woodward IV john.woodward [at] Fed

Fluid Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John D. Wright Group Leader john.wright [at] Fed
Lorna F. Armiger Group Office Manager lorna.armiger [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Joey Boyd joey.boyd [at] Fed
James Filla james.filla [at] Assoc
Keith A. Gillis keith.gillis [at] Fed
Michael Jenkins michael.jenkins [at] Assoc
Aaron Johnson aaron.johnson [at] Fed
Gina M. Kline gina.kline [at] Fed
Michael R. Moldover michael.moldover [at] Assoc
Jodie Gail Pope jodie.pope [at] Fed
James W. Schmidt [at] Assoc
Sherry D. Sheckels sherry.sheckels [at] Fed
Iosif Isaakovich Shinder iosif.shinder [at] Fed
John D. Wright john.wright [at] Fed