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Solomon I Woods (Fed)


Solomon Woods' research interests include detector development for both magnetic measurements and infrared optical calibrations. With a background in superconductivity and magnetism, he employs superconducting sensors for ultra-sensitive measurements of magnetic fields and photons.

As a co-leader of the NIST Thermal Magnetic Imaging and Control (Thermal MagIC) project, he is currently focused on enabling 3D imaging of temperature using the magnetic response of magnetic nanoparticles. By further understanding the dynamics of magnetic nanoparticles and developing novel instruments for measuring these temperature-dependent magnetization dynamics, we are developing an SI-traceable technique for measuring temperature throughout optically hidden volumes.

He has been part of the team at the Low-Background Infrared (LBIR) facility since 2006, developing new detectors and instruments for infrared calibration. Recent research and development projects include an ultra-low power SQUID-based absolute cryogenic radiometer (ACR), a trap photodetector employing high efficiency blocked-impurity-band (BIB) detectors, a planar carbon-nanotube radiometer for absolute spectral calibrations using a Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS), and a new platform for calibration of superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs) in the mid-infrared.

Research projects

Transfer radiometers and reference detectors
Pico-Watt ACR
BIB-Trap detector
Thermal MagIC – Thermal Magnetic Imaging and Control

Selected Publications

Nano-kelvin DC and AC Meissner-TES Thermometry

Solomon I. Woods, Adriaan C. Carter, Timothy M. Jung, Dana R. Defibaugh
The Meissner-TES is a relatively new type of high resolution cryogenic thermometer based upon a transition edge sensor (TES) which employs the magnetic


Harmonic dependence of thermal magnetic particle imaging

Thinh Bui, Mark-Alexander Henn, Weston L. Tew, Megan Catterton, Solomon I. Woods
Advances in instrumentation and tracer materials are still required to enable sensitive and accurate 3D temperature monitoring by magnetic particle imaging. We

Investigating the Harmonic Dependence of MPI Resolution

Mark-Alexander Henn, Thinh Bui, Solomon I. Woods
In this work we investigate how the MPI resolution changes as a function of signal harmonics. Based on a simulation study that models a lock-in measurement of
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022