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Solomon I Woods

Solomon Woods' research interests include optical detector development for low power applications and new calibration techniques for infrared power. He has been part of the team at the Low-Background Infrared (LBIR) facility since 2006, developing new detectors and instruments for infrared calibration. Current research and development projects include an ultra-low power absolute cryogenic radiometer (ACR), a trap detector employing high efficiency blocked-impurity-band (BIB) detectors, and spectral calibrations using a cryogenic Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS).

Research projects

Transfer radiometers and reference detectors
Pico-Watt ACR
BIB-Trap detector


Nano-kelvin DC and AC Meissner-TES Thermometry

Solomon I. Woods, Adriaan C. Carter, Timothy M. Jung, Dana R. Defibaugh
The Meissner-TES is a relatively new type of high resolution cryogenic thermometer based upon a transition edge sensor (TES) which employs the magnetic
Created October 9, 2019, Updated November 10, 2020