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Thomas C Larason (Fed)

Mr. Thomas Larason is an Electronics Engineer in the Sensor Science Division at NIST. His career at NIST began in 1989 where his work has focused on ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared light sources and sensors. He has collaborated with both university and industry researchers on UV light inactivation of pathogens for drinking water and air. Additional research areas include calibration support for ocean color and lunar spectral measurements.

Research Projects

Detector metrology
Ocean Color
Lunar Spectral Irradiance (LUSI)
Night Vision Goggle Gain Calibration
Spectral responsivity measurement



  • Member, IES Testing Procedures Committee: Approved Method: Optical and Electrical Measurements of Ultraviolet LED Sources
  • Member, CIE TC 6-52: CIE Guide for the Gonioradiometric Measurement of Upper Air Ultraviolet Germicidal Luminaires
  • Member, CIE TC 2-47: Characterization and Calibration Methods of UV Radiometers

Selected Publications

Gain Calibration of Current-to-Voltage Converters

Thomas C. Larason, Carl C. Miller
Current-to-voltage converters are used in many photometric and radiometric applications. The calibration of current- to-voltage converters at a few input


Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022