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Dimensional Metrology Group

Realizes and disseminates the SI unit of length from micrometers to kilometers. We develop, perform and deliver measurements, standards and infrastructural technology services that promote U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness.

The Group provides unique high-accuracy length based calibrations and leads documentary standards efforts that are essential to global trade, spurs innovation in manufacturing, and promotes adoption of innovative measuring technologies. The DMG produces over 15 % of all NIST calibrations, by revenue, performing thousands of measurements for industry, academia, and government institutions each year. Our efforts include supplying critical measurement services to the military and their primary standard laboratory, which helps ensure the reliability of assets used to keep U.S. troops safe. We lead documentary standard efforts that prescribe test methods and performance specifications for advance measuring systems that allow manufacturers to make informed investments in new technologies that improve efficiency, ensure product quality, and enable global trade. The DMG’s documentary standard efforts target measuring instruments used in the large-scale precision manufacturing industry, such as automotive, aerospace, and excavation equipment, which remains one of the largest net-exporters of U.S. produced manufactured goods. Hundreds of millions of dollars in metrology instruments are bought, sold, and warrantied each year using NIST lead documentary standards.

News and Updates

Helping Laser Scanners Measure Up

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have devised a novel, accurate, easy-to-operate, time- and labor-saving way to provide

Industry Impacts

Manufacturing Large Objects

It’s expensive and time-consuming for manufacturers to ensure the large objects they make, such as aircraft wings and earth-moving equipment, are the right size

Projects and Programs

SI Length and Traceability

To enable our highest accuracy calibrations and NIST advanced research efforts, we maintain and develop methods to provide traceability to the meter via laser

Dimensional Measurement Services

The Dimensional Measurement Services (DMS) project delivers unique high-accuracy length based calibrations that are essential to global trade, supports basic


Performance evaluation of laser trackers using the network method

Ling Wang, Balasubramanian Muralikrishnan, Octavio Icasio Hernandez, Craig M. Shakarji, Daniel S. Sawyer
Due to their accuracy, portability, and large working volume, laser trackers (LTs) are widely used for dimensional metrology in a variety of large-scale


Group Leader

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