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Sensor Science Division Groups

Dimensional Metrology Group

Realizes and disseminates the SI unit of length from micrometers to kilometers. We develop, perform and deliver measurements, standards and infrastructural technology services that promote U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness.

Fluid Metrology Group

The Group develops models, standards, reference data, and novel calibration techniques for metering liquid and gas flows, airspeed, liquid density, and volume. We measure micro-flows (e.g., pharmaceuticals) and mega-flows (e.g., natural gas in major pipelines, pollutants from power plants).

Optical Radiation Group

The Optical Radiation Group maintains, improves, and disseminates the national scales for the candela (SI unit), spectral responsivity, reflectance, transmission, color, and appearance.

Remote Sensing Group

The group establishes the detector-based scale for radiant power responsivity through cryogenic electrical substitution radiometry, and disseminates the scale to the remote sensing community via radiance and irradiance responsivity through the SIRCUS, hyperspectral imaging, and LBIR facilities. The

Surface and Interface Metrology Group

Establishes best-in-the-world SI-traceable length metrology for 3D nanostructures using high-throughput, non-destructive measurement methods. Provides measurement solutions for defect and dimensional metrology needs.

Thermodynamic Metrology Group

The Thermodynamic Metrology Group realizes, maintains, and disseminates the national measurement standards for temperature, humidity, pressure, vacuum, and leaks.

Ultraviolet Radiation Group

Provides our National standards for ultraviolet (UV) and extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) radiometry. We operate the SURF III, a 380 MeV electron storage ring, which provides a continuum source of synchrotron radiation from soft x-rays through the far infrared.