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Zeeshan Ahmed

A spectroscopist by training, Zeeshan Ahmed joined the Thermodynamic Metrology Group at NIST in 2012. His primary research activities focus on the development of novel, disruptive technologies that aim to replace legacy-based measurement platforms. Specifically, his research is focused on the development of photonic sensor technology for temperature, humidity, and dynamic pressure sensing. This line of inquiry seeks to develop a cost-effective, integrated multi-functional photonic sensor package with self-calibration capabilities. Our goal is to develop portable sensors that could be utilized in a wide range of applications ranging from advanced manufacturing to citizen scientist initiatives. For more details, see Photonic Thermometry and Dynamic Pressure webpages.

Aside from photonics work, Zeeshan's research interests include on-chip spectroscopy and innovative uses of 3D-printing technology.


    Research Projects:


    • 2016 Bronze Medal for Superior Federal Service
    • 2016 STAM Altmetrics Award
    • 2015 Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity Award
    • 2009 National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Associateship


    On-chip Silicon Photonics Radiation Sensors

    Nikolai N. Klimov, Zeeshan Ahmed, Lonnie T. Cumberland, Ileana M. Pazos, Ronald E. Tosh, Ryan P. Fitzgerald
    We have examined the impact of cobalt-60-ray radiation up to 1 megagray (MGy) absorbed dose on silicon photonic devices. We do not find any systematic impact

    A photonic pH sensor based on photothermal spectroscopy

    Zeeshan Ahmed, Nathan J. Castro, Matthew R. Hartings
    Although the determination of pH is a standard laboratory measurement, new techniques capable of measuring pH are being developed to facilitate modern

    Chemistry from 3D-printed objects

    Matthew R. Hartings, Zeeshan Ahmed
    3D printing technology has started to take hold as an enabling tool for scientific advancement. Born from the marriage of computer-aided design and additive

    Fabrication and Testing of Photonic Thermometers

    Nikolai N. Klimov, Zeeshan Ahmed
    In recent years, a push for developing novel silicon photonic devices for telecommunications has generated a vast knowledge base that is now being leveraged for
    Created May 31, 2018, Updated February 13, 2019