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Deformometer for Determining Deformation of an Optical Cavity Optic

Patent Number: 10,816,325


A deformometer includes: a cavity body; entry and exit optical cavity optics, such that the optical cavity produces filtered combined light from combined light; a first laser that provides first light; a second laser that provides second light; an optical combiner that: receives the first light; receives the second light; combines the first light and the second light; produces combined light from the first light and the second light; and communicates the combined light to the entry optical cavity optic; a beam splitter that: receives the filtered combined light; splits the filtered combined light; a first light detector in optical communication with the beam splitter and that: receives the first filtered light from the beam splitter; and produces a first cavity signal from the first filtered light; and a second light detector that: receives the second filtered light; and produces a second cavity signal from the second filtered light.

Patent Description

NIST has developed a device that uses multiple wavelengths (colors) of light and/or multiple species of gas to independently measure the distortions imposed on an optical cavity, cell, or other optical element that holds gas due to the forces applied by the gas.  The device measures differences between index of refraction of multiple gases or multiple wavelengths or a combination.  Appropriate combinations can be used to independently measure the distortions of an optical cavity filled with gas.


While existing technology require calibration, this device does not need calibrating.

Created February 1, 2021, Updated February 11, 2021