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Stephen Eckel (Fed)

Stephen Eckel is an expert in cold atom systems, sensors and atomtronics. He joined the Thermodynamic Metrology Group in 2016 to help develop the new cold atom vacuum standard as part of the cold core technology program. An active member of the American Physical Society, his research interests include cold atom sensors, photonics, and their integration.

Stephen’s research background is quite varied. As a postdoctoral researcher at NIST, he helped develop atomtronic sensors for rotation, observe unique effects in ring-shaped condensates like hysteresis, and simulate other physical phenomena like cosmological expansion. As a graduate student, he worked on two projects attempting to measure the electron’s electric dipole moment, a property, which if it exists, would violate parity and time symmetry and point to physics beyond the standard model.


A New Way to Measure Nearly Nothing


PyLCP: A python package for computing laser cooling physics

Stephen Eckel, Daniel Barker, Eric Norrgard, Julia Scherschligt
We present a python object-oriented computer program for simulating various aspects of laser cooling physics. Our software is designed to be both easy to use


Deformometer for Determining Deformation of an Optical Cavity Optic

NIST Inventors
Zeeshan Ahmed , Kevin O Douglass , Stephen Eckel , Patrick Egan and Jay H. Hendricks
Patent Description NIST has developed a device that uses multiple wavelengths (colors) of light and/or multiple species of gas to independently measure the distortions imposed on an optical cavity, cell, or other optical element that holds gas due to the forces applied by the gas. The device
Created July 30, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021