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Optomechanical Pressure Measurement System And Method Using The Vibrational Modes Of A Membrane

Patent Number: 11,287,334


An optomechanical pressure-measurement system measures pressure in the range of 10.sup.−6 Pa-10.sup.−2 Pa by measuring various properties of a vibrational mode of an ultra-thin membrane member. With independent measurements of the thickness and density of the membrane, in addition to the measured vibration mode properties, the system can operate as a primary pressure sensor. The membrane member is mounted on a vibration-isolated mount and is excited by a drive force. A laser beam impinges on the excited membrane, and an optical phase detector detects the amplitude of the oscillations, as well as parameters of the laser beam affected by the membrane vibration. In one embodiment, a mechanical damping is computed based on the amplitude or frequency shift (depending on the pressure range), and the pressure based on the ring-down time of the membrane vibration mode.

Created November 23, 2022, Updated December 15, 2023