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Braden Czapla (Fed)

Braden Czapla (he/him/his) is a mechanical engineer in the Dimensional Metrology Group, located on NIST’s Gaithersburg campus. He works with terrestrial laser scanner and X-ray computed tomography systems. His focus is quantifying the contributions to uncertainty in dimensional measurements due to the optical properties of the measured object.

Prior to joining the Dimensional Metrology Group, Braden was an NRC Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Remote Sensing Group. His postdoctoral work focused on measuring broadband complex refractive indices of materials and making improvements to the Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometry (FTIS) facility. Braden also has expertise in infrared optical properties of materials, development of spectrophotometric equipment, radiative heat transfer, near-field radiative heat transfer, cool roof materials, and passive radiative cooling.

Braden is a member of the Sensor Science Division’s Optical Properties of Materials working group.


Created May 8, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022