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Julia Scherschligt (Fed)

Group Leader of the Thermodynamic Metrology Group

Julia Scherschligt is a leading expert in vacuum and pressure metrology with over a decade of experience in instrument science. She has an active research program in realizing the quantum pascal at ultra and extreme high vacuum using techniques from atomic physics. In addition, she maintains and operates the leak calibration service, and headed a project to modernize the piston gauge calibration laboratory.

Julia has a background in low-temperature condensed matter physics. She did her graduate research on transport physics of ferromagnetic semiconductors before coming to the National institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2007. She worked for several years in the Condensed Matter Science group at the NIST Center for Neutron Research before joining the Thermodynamic Metrology Group in the Physical Measurement Laboratory.


A constant pressure flowmeter for the extremely high vacuum

Stephen Eckel, Daniel Barker, James A. Fedchak, Emmanuel Newsome, Julia Scherschligt, Robert E. Vest
We demonstrate operation of a constant-pressure flowmeter capable of generating and accurately measuring flows as low as $1\times10^-13}$mol/s. Generation of

Comparison of two multiplexed portable cold atom vacuum standards

Lucas Ehinger, Bishnu Acharya, Daniel Barker, James A. Fedchak, Julia Scherschligt, Eite Tiesinga, Stephen Eckel
We compare the vacuum measured by two portable cold atom vacuum standards (pCAVS) based on ultracold $^7$Li atoms. Our pCAVS devices share the same laser system

Lambda-enhanced gray molasses in a tetrahedral laser beam geometry

Daniel Barker, Eric Norrgard, Nikolai Klimov, James A. Fedchak, Julia Scherschligt, Stephen Eckel
We report observation of sub-Doppler cooling of lithium using an irregular-tetrahedral laser beam arrangement, which is produced by a nanofabricated diffraction


Created October 9, 2019, Updated September 7, 2022