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Catherine Cooksey

Catherine Cooksey is a Research Chemist in the Sensor Science Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. She serves as project leader for NIST's Spectrophotometry Calibrations and Quality Manager for the Sensor Science Division and is involved in several collaborative research projects.

Dr. Cooksey was a recipient of a NIST/NRC Postdoctoral Research Associateship. During her fellowship period, she investigated the low-frequency absorption spectra of biomolecules in aqueous environments.

Research projects:


Reflectance measurements of human skin


Exposure Study on the Aging of PTFE and Ceramic Diffusers

Benjamin K. Tsai, Catherine C. Cooksey, David W. Allen, Christopher C. White, Walter E. Byrd, Deborah S. Jacobs
This paper describes efforts to quantify the effects of aging in the ultraviolet (UV) on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and ceramic samples. Long term UV aging

Optimization of 6LiF:ZnS(Ag) Scintillator Light Yield using GEANT4

Y. Yehuda-Zada, Kevin NMN Pritchard, Jeffrey B Ziegler, Catherine C Cooksey, Kerry NMN Siebein, M. Jackson, C. Hurlbut, Y. Kadmon, Y. Cohen, R. M. Ibberson, Charles F. Majkrzak, Nick C. Maliszewskyj, I. Orion, A. Osovizky
A new cold neutron detector has been developed at the NCNR for the CANDoR project. Geometric and performance constraints dictate that this detector be
Created June 4, 2019, Updated July 24, 2020