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Radiative Decay Rate and Branching Fractions of MgF

September 8, 2023
Eric Norrgard, Catherine Cooksey, Stephen Eckel, Nickolas Pilgram, Kayla Rodriguez, Howard W. Yoon, Yuly Andrea Chamorro Mena, Lukas Pasteka, Anastasia Borschevsky
Here we report measured and calculated values of radiative decay rates and vibrational branching fractions for the A$^2\Pi$ state of MgF. The decay rate measurements use time-correlated single photon counting with roughly 1\,\% total uncertainty. Branching

2022 Topical Meeting on Optical Interference Coatings: Manufacturing Problem Contest

January 11, 2023
Catherine Cooksey, Daniel Poitras, Luke Sandilands, Penghui Ma, Stacey Lee, Michael Jacobson
Participants to the 2022 Manufacturing Contest were challenged to fabricate an optical filter with a specified stepped transmittance spanning three orders of magnitude from 400 nm to 1100 nm. The problem required that contestants be equally versed in the

The Digital NIST: Challenges and opportunities in the digital transformation of NIST's calibration services

September 21, 2022
Catherine Cooksey, James A. Fedchak, Robert Hanisch, Gregory (Greg) C. Cala, Damian Lauria, Raymond Plante, Benjamin Long, John S. Quintavalle, Manmohan Moodra
Early in 2022 NIST embarked on a pilot project to produce digital calibration reports and certificates of analysis for reference materials. The goal of the project was to produce a few examples of each for the purpose of assessing the scope and challenges

A pyroelectric detector-based method for low uncertainty spectral irradiance and radiance responsivity calibrations in the infrared using tunable lasers

April 4, 2022
Brian Alberding, John Woodward, Ping-Shine Shaw, Leonard Hanssen, Catherine Cooksey, Joseph P. Rice
The standard uncertainty of detector-based radiance and irradiance responsivity calibrations in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) traditionally has been limited to around 1 % or higher by the low spatial uniformity of detectors used to transfer the scale from

2019 Topical Meeting on Optical Interference Coatings: Manufacturing Problem Contest

December 2, 2019
Catherine C. Cooksey, Daniel Poitras, Li Li, Michael Jacobson
For the Seventh Manufacturing Problem contest, participants were asked to fabricate on a provided N-BK7 substrate a challenging filter with specific s-polarization transmittance spectra at angles of incidence of 10° and 50°, covering a wavelength range

Exposure Study on the Aging of PTFE and Ceramic Diffusers

February 6, 2019
Benjamin K. Tsai, Catherine C. Cooksey, David W. Allen, Christopher C. White, Walter E. Byrd, Deborah S. Jacobs
This paper describes efforts to quantify the effects of aging in the ultraviolet (UV) on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and ceramic samples. Long term UV aging may significantly alter the reflectance factor and cause an error in the calibration of

Correction of an adding-doubling inversion algorithm for the measurement of the optical parameters of turbid media

January 1, 2018
Paul Lemaillet, Catherine C. Cooksey, Jeeseong Hwang, Heidrun Wabnitz, Dirk Grosenick, Lin Yang, David W. Allen
We present broadband measurements of the optical properties of tissue-mimicking solid phantoms using a single integrating sphere to measure the hemispherical reflectance and transmittance under a direct illumination at the normal incident angle. These

Algorithm for rapid determination of optical scattering parameters

October 18, 2017
Zachary H. Levine, Adam L. Pintar, Richelle H. Streater, Anne-Michelle R. Lieberson, Catherine C. Cooksey, Paul Lemaillet
Preliminary experiments at the NIST Spectral Tri-function Automated Reference Reflectometer (STARR) facility have been conducted with the goal of providing the diffuse optical properties of a solid reference standard with optical properties similar to


September 5, 2017
Catherine C. Cooksey, Georgi T. Georgiev, James Butler, Kurtis J. Thome, Leibo Ding
Satellite instruments operating in the reflective solar wavelength region require accurate and precise determination of the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Functions (BRDFs) of the laboratory and flight diffusers used in their pre-flight and on

Reference Data Set of Human Skin Reflectance

June 7, 2017
Catherine C. Cooksey, David W. Allen, Benjamin K. Tsai
This data set contains 100 reference reflectance spectra of human skin, spanning the wavelength region from 250 nm to 2500 nm. The spectra were acquired with a commercial spectrophotometer and are directly traceable to the national scale for directional

Validating In-Air Remote Sensing Reflectance Measurements During Cruises Using Reflectance Targets

October 25, 2016
Bettye C. Johnson, Catherine C. Cooksey, Ahmed El-Habashi, David English, Georgi T. Georgiev, Sherwin Ladner, Veronica P. Lance, Michael Ondrusek, Ryan Vandermeulen
Annual dedicated ocean color validation cruises off the East Coast of the USA were started in November 2014 with support from the NOAA office of Marine and Air Operations with primary focus on VIIRS/SNPP and upcoming JPSS missions. A portion of the

2016 Topical Meeting on Optical Interference Coatings: Manufacturing Problem Contest

October 21, 2016
Catherine C. Cooksey, Daniel Poitras, Li Li, Michael Jacobson
For the Manufacturing Problem contest held in conjunction with OSA’s 2016 Topical Meeting on Optical Interference Coatings, participants were asked to design and fabricate on a provided substrate a coating with very specific (and rather peculiar)

National Institute of Standards and Technology measurement service of the optical properties of biomedical phantoms: Current status

March 24, 2016
Paul Lemaillet, Catherine C. Cooksey, Zachary H. Levine, Adam L. Pintar, Jeeseong Hwang, David W. Allen
The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has maintained scales of reflectance and transmittance over several decades. Those scales are primarily intended for the regular transmittance, mirrors, and solid surface scattering diffusers. The

SPIE 9639-49 Creation and Validation of Spectralon BRDF Targets & Standards

October 12, 2015
Catherine C. Cooksey, Gael Obein, Georgi T. Georgiev, Christopher Durell, Dan Scharpf, Greg McKee, Michelle L'Heureux
Spectralon is an extremely stable, near-perfect lambertian reflecting diffuser and calibration standard material that has been used by national labs, space, aerospace and commercial sectors for over two decades. New uncertainty targets of 2% on-orbit

Spectral reflectance variability of skin and attributing factors

May 21, 2015
Catherine C. Cooksey, Benjamin K. Tsai, David W. Allen
Knowledge of the spectral reflectance signature of human skin over a wide spectral range will help advance the development of sensing systems for many applications, ranging from medical treatment to security technology. A critical component of the

Bidirectional reflectance scale comparison between NIST and PTB

May 1, 2015
Catherine C. Cooksey, Maria E. Nadal, David W. Allen, Kai-Olaf Hauer, Andreas Hoepe
A comparison of bidirectional reflectance scales between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) has been performed. Measurements of two sets of white diffuse reflectance standards, two

Sensor Calibration and Characterization to Meet Climate Monitoring Requirements

April 24, 2014
Catherine C. Cooksey, Gerald T. Fraser, Howard W. Yoon
The challenge of detecting small changes in the Earth's climate system over decadal and longer time scales places stringent requirements on environmental monitoring systems. Sensors must be well calibrated and maintain their calibration in challenging

Broadband transmission filter 2013 OIC manufacturing problem contest

January 10, 2014
Catherine C. Cooksey, Li Li, J. A. Dobrowolski, Michael Jacobson
A broadband transmission filter from 400nm to 1100nm was selected for the manufacturing problem contest. The premise of the contest is to test the state of the art of current optical thin film manufacturing capabilities. A total 37 people from 15 teams