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Weston L. Tew (Fed)


Weston Tew is an expert in the areas of thermal and electrical metrology, working in the three core areas of Temperature Metrology: Primary Thermometry, Interpolating Artifacts , and Thermometric Fixed Points.  He has experience in precision electrical measurements, low temperature thermometry, noise thermometry, non-metal fixed points, industrial thermometry, and special applications in temperature measurement. He is an author of more than 80 publications on these subjects.

Dr. Tew is a member the International Electrotechnical Commission, Working Group 5 on Temperature Sensors of the subcommittee 65B, the ASTM International Committee E20 on Temperature Measurement; The ANSI US Technical Advisory Group for the IEC, and the American Physical Society. He is a fellow of the ASTM and is the current chair of the E20.07 subcommittee on Fundamentals (of Temperature Measurement).

He has been a staff physicist in the NIST Process Measurements Division and the Sensor Science Division since 1993 where he is responsible for realization and maintenance of the ITS-90 below 84 K. His research interests are in special applications for temperature measurement, temperature standards, platinum resistance thermometry, dilute magnetic alloy thermometry, Johnson noise thermometry, fixed points, and phase equilibria.



ASTM International Award of Merit, 2015 

NIST Bronze Medal Award, 2008


Guide on Secondary Thermometry: Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometers

Jonathan Pearce, Richard Rusby, Kazuaki Yamazawa, Stefan Rudtsch, L Iacomini, Giuseppina Lopardo, D Rodney White, Weston L. Tew
This document is a part of guidelines, prepared by the Consultative Committee for Thermometry, on the techniques for approximating the International Temperature

Johnson Noise Thermometry

Weston L. Tew, Jifeng Qu, K L. Zhou, Samuel P. Benz, Horst Rogalla, David R. White
Johnson noise thermometers infer thermodynamic temperature from measurements of the thermally-induced current fluctuations that occur in all electrical
Created October 9, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021