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Tobias Herman (Fed)


Tobias Herman is a physicist in the Sensor Science Division working in the Thermodynamic Metrology Group. His work primarily involves temperature metrology, where he is responsible for realizing, maintaining, and disseminating the International Temperature Scale of 1990 from the Ar TP (83.8 K) to the Ag FP (1234.9 K) and humidity metrology, where he maintains and runs the NIST Hybrid Humidity Generator – NIST’s primary humidity standard.

Tobias’ research background straddles the boundary between physical chemistry and condensed matter physics, including research on the effect of disorder on first-order phase transitions as well as investigations of dynamic heterogeneity in supercooled liquids near the glass transition. He originally joined NIST in 2010 as a member of the Condensed Matter Science Group at the NIST Center for Neutron Research; he joined the Thermodynamic Metrology group in 2016.

Tobias current research explores the future role of chip and fiber-based approaches to photonic temperature sensors in the temperature metrology landscape, including sensor development and benchmarking.

Research Projects


  • Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award (2021)
  • Colleagues Choice Award (2020): For outstanding leadership in thermometry and humidity calibration services and successful management of the photonic thermometry CRADA project.
  • Measurement Services Award (2018): Commitment to, and leadership of, temperature calibration laboratories and services including significant efforts to revitalize and modernize.


ITS-90 SPRT Calibration from the Ar TP to the Zn FP

Michal J. Chojnacky, Tobias Herman, Ken Hill, Steffen Rudtsch, Inseok Yang, Petrus Paulus Maria Steur, Roberto Dematteis, Lopardo Lopardo, Fernando Sparasci, Catherine Martin, Lara Risegari, Januarius Widiatmo, Tohru Nakano, Ikuhiko Saito, Klaus Natorf Quelhas, Patricia Giorgio, Jianping Sun, Jintao Zhang, Jonathan Pearce, Jayne Gray
This is a report to the Consultative Committee for Thermometry (CCT) on the key comparison 9 of SPRT calibration on the International Temperature Scale of 1990

Patents (2018-Present)

Photonic Thermometer Module Assembly And Performing Photonic Thermometry

NIST Inventors
Nikolai Klimov , Tobias Herman and Zeeshan Ahmed
A photonic thermometer module assembly includes: a sheath; a sheath bottom plug; a sheath top flange; a top sealing flange; a heat exchanger; a photonic thermometer disposed on the heat exchanger such that the photonic thermometer determines a temperature of the sheath; and an optical fiber array in

Photonic Quantum Dew Point Sensor

NIST Inventors
Tobias Herman , Nikolai Klimov and Thomas Purdy
A photonic quantum dew point sensor determines a dew point of an analyte and includes a common substrate; a photonic dew sensor on the common substrate and exposed for direct contact with the analyte; a photonic temperature sensor on the common substrate; an optomechanical temperature sensor on the
Created September 24, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022