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Robert F. Berg (Assoc)

Bobby Berg arrived at NIST as an NRC postdoc in 1983. In subsequent years, he and Mike Moldover developed a series of novel oscillators that were used to measure the subtle viscosity increase that occurs near liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor critical points. NASA sponsorship extended that program to microgravity, and Bobby was principal investigator for experiments that flew on Space Shuttle flights in 1997 and 2003.

During 1998-2012, Bobby worked in the Pressure & Vacuum Group, where he calibrated spinning rotor gauges and developed techniques to measure gas flow rates in the range from 0.01 to 1000 cm3 per minute. The improved techniques led to viscosity measurements of helium and other gases with uncertainties small enough to test quantum mechanical ab initio calculations of gas viscosity. He also developed apparatus and techniques to measure the vapor pressures of metal-organic compounds that are used as precursors by the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Bobby's present work in the Ultraviolet Radiation Group supports measurements of the degradation of optical mirrors caused by photoresists intended for EUV lithography.

Research interests:

  • Characterization of optics contamination caused by photoresists intended for extreme UV lithography.
  • Diffusion, trapping, and outgassing of hydrogen from stainless steel.

Professional activities:

  • Member, executive committee of the AVS Vacuum Technology Division, 2007-2010
  • Lead organizer of symposium on Fluid Science, 2001
  • Lead organizer of workshop on Mass flow measurement and control for the semiconductor industry, 2000


  • NASA Lewis Research Center Distinguished Publication Award, 1999
  • NIST Bronze Medal, 1998
  • NIST Center for Chemical Technology Technical Achievement Award, 1990


Measurements and model of UV-induced oxidation of aluminum

Robert F. Berg, Charles S. Tarrio, Thomas B. Lucatorto
We present measurements and a model of aluminum oxidation induced by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Spots of oxide were grown by focusing synchrotron radiation

The hazard of UV-induced oxidation to solar-viewing spacecraft optics

Charles S. Tarrio, Robert F. Berg, Thomas B. Lucatorto, Dale E. Newbury, Nicholas Ritchie, Andrew Jones, Frank Eparvier
The two most prevalent outgas contaminants on satellites are organic molecules and water vapor. Adsorbed organic molecules can degrade a solar-viewing

Silicone tube humidity generator

Robert F. Berg, Nicola Chiodo, Eric Georgin
We describe the model and construction of a two-flow (or divided-flow) humidity generator, developed at LNE-CNAM, that uses mass flow controllers to mix a
Created May 7, 2019, Updated April 4, 2024