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Karen Garrity (Fed)

Karen Garrity received an MS in chemistry from the University of Maryland. She has performed thermocouple calibrations and research in the NIST Thermocouple Calibration Laboratory for 13 years. Her duties include calibrations of noble metal thermocouples, base metal thermocouples, and refractory metal thermocouples by comparison and fixed-point methods. She also builds freezing-point cells for the laboratory. She has led an international comparison of thermocouple calibration results, as well as proficiency tests. She has published papers on thermocouple performance and uncertainties, a thermocouple comparison, and improved furnace designs.


SRM 1967a: High-Purity Platinum Thermoelement

Karen M. Garrity, Weston L. Tew, Dean C. Ripple
Consisting of a 1 m long piece of 0.5 mm diameter platinum wire, SRM 1967a meets the requirements for a thermoelectric reference material for temperatures from
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022