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Steven W. Brown

Brown's interests lie in the development of advanced radiometric artifacts and new approaches to radiometric sensor calibrations to improve the performance of instruments used in climate research; absolute stellar, lunar and solar radiometry; and medical imaging.


2012 National Institute of Standards and Technology Bronze Medal for the development of the Hyperspectral Image Projector.

2010 Department of Commerce Gold Medal for the development of the tunable laser calibration facility known as SIRCUS.

2009 Arthur S. Flemming Award.

2004 Department of Commerce Silver Medal for stray light characterization of ocean color spectrographs in the Marine Optical Buoy.

2002 "Electron and nuclear spin interactions in the optical spectra of single GaAs quantum dots," Physical Review Letters 86, 5176-5179 (2001), received a Naval Research Laboratory Alan Berman Research Publication Award.

1998 "Nuclear Spectroscopy in Single Quantum Dots: Nanoscopic Raman Scattering and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance," Science 277, 85 (1997), received a Naval Research Laboratory Alan Berman Research Publication Award.

Research Projects:

Spectral irradiance and radiance responsivity calibrations using uniform sources (SIRCUS)

Characterization and calibration of remote sensing sensors

NIST Stars


Monochromatic Measurements of the JPSS-1 VIIRS Polarization Sensitivity

Steven W. Brown, Keith R. Lykke, Jeff McIntire, David Moyer, Eugene Waluschka, Hassan Oudrari, Xiaoxiong Xiong
The polarization sensitivity is a critical parameter that must be characterized for spaceborne remote sensing instruments designed tomeasure reflected solar

VIIRS/J1 Polarization Narrative

Keith R. Lykke, Steven W. Brown, Eugene Waluschka, Joel McCorkel, Jeff McIntire, David Moyer, Brendan McAndrew, James B. Young, Eric Fest, James Butler, Tung R. Wang, Eslim O. Monroy, Kevin Turpie, Gerhard Meister, Kurtis J. Thome
The VIS/NIR bands polarization sensitivity of Joint Polar Satellite Sensor 1 (JPSS1) Visible/Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) instrument was measured
Created October 9, 2019