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Eric Norrgard (Fed)

Dr. Norrgard is an atomic, molecular, and optical physicist. He has been at NIST since 2017. His research primarily focuses on using atoms and molecules to create advanced thermodynamic sensors, and on precision measurements which test fundamental symmetries and physical theories.

Research Projects



Precise Quantum Measurement of Vacuum with Cold Atoms

Daniel Barker, Bishnu Acharya, James A. Fedchak, Nikolai Klimov, Eric Norrgard, Julia Scherschligt, Eite Tiesinga, Stephen Eckel
We describe the cold-atom vacuum standards (CAVS) under development at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The CAVS measures pressure in the

Laser Spectroscopy of the y7PJo states of Cr I

Eric Norrgard, Daniel Barker, Stephen Eckel, Sergey Porsev, Charles Cheung, Mikhail Kozlov, Ilya Tupitsyn, Marianna Safronova
Here we report measured and calculated values of decay rates of the 3d$^4$($^5$D)4s4p($^3$P$^\rmo}}$)\ y$^7$P$^\rmo}}_2,3,4}$ states of Cr I. The decay rates

Lambda-enhanced gray molasses in a tetrahedral laser beam geometry

Daniel Barker, Eric Norrgard, Nikolai Klimov, James A. Fedchak, Julia Scherschligt, Stephen Eckel
We report observation of sub-Doppler cooling of lithium using an irregular-tetrahedral laser beam arrangement, which is produced by a nanofabricated diffraction

PyLCP: A python package for computing laser cooling physics

Stephen Eckel, Daniel Barker, Eric Norrgard, Julia Scherschligt
We present a python object-oriented computer program for simulating various aspects of laser cooling physics. Our software is designed to be both easy to use

Blackbody Radiation Noise Broadening of Quantum Systems

Eric B. Norrgard, Stephen Eckel, Christopher L. Holloway, Eric L. Shirley
Precision measurements of quantum systems often seek to probe or must account for the interaction with blackbody radiation. Over the past several decades, much

Patents (2018-Present)

Created December 10, 2018, Updated December 8, 2022