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Thomas A. Germer (Fed)

Dr. Germer, a researcher in the field of optics at surfaces, has been at NIST since 1992. His main interests involve the measurement and interpretation of light scattering from surfaces, optical polarization measurements, optics of structured surfaces, optical imaging theory, and general spectrophotometry.

He has received the Department of Commerce Bronze and Silver Medals, the Judson C. French Award, the NIST Chapter of Sigma Xi Young Scientist Award, and is a Fellow member of SPIE.

Dr. Germer is a member of the Sensor Science Division's Optical Properties of Materials focus program.

Research projects

Bidirectional Optical Scattering Facility
Optical Scattering Software
   SCATMECH: Polarized Light Scattering C++ Class Library
   Modeled Integrated Scatter Tool (MIST)
Biomedical Optics
Optical Grating Scatterometry
Focused beam spectroscopic ellipsometer
Nanoscale Optical Imaging
Optical Polarization Metrology

Selected Publications


Spatial frequency domain Mueller matrix imaging

Joseph Chue-Sang, Maritoni Litorja, Aaron Goldfain, Thomas A. Germer
Significance: Mueller matrix polarimetry (MMP) and spatial frequency domain imaging (SFDI) are wide-field optical imaging modalities that differentiate tissue

Depolarization in diffusely scattering media

Thomas A. Germer
We performed Mueller matrix Monte Carlo simulations of the propagation of optical radiation in diffusely scattering media for collimated incidence and report

Spatial frequency domain Mueller matrix imaging

Joseph Chue-Sang, Aaron Goldfain, Jeeseong C. Hwang, Thomas A. Germer
We combine Mueller matrix polarimetry (MMP) with spatial frequency domain imaging (SFDI) to create a technique that is sensitive to near-surface material

Patents (2018-Present)

Mueller Matrix Ellipsometer

NIST Inventors
Thomas A. Germer
Embodiments of the present invention relate to an ellipsometer that includes a combination of a plurality of reflective devices to measure a Mueller matrix reflectance of a material in the VUV and EUV region. Ellipsometer in accordance with embodiments of the present invention relate to an
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022