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Focused beam spectroscopic ellipsometer


The Sensor Science Division has a focused beam spectroscopic Mueller matrix ellipsometer.  Its capabilities include

  • Wavelengths from 245 nm to 1000 nm
  • Spot size approximately 25 µm x 60 µm
  • Fixed incident angle of approximately 65°
  • Sample sizes up to 300 mm diameter, with scanning capability within a central 150 mm x 150 mm square
  • Measures 11 elements of the Mueller matrix
  • Full 360° rotation of the sample

This instrument is complemented with software for fitting data to thin film optical properties and thicknesses, as well as structure parameters describing one-dimensionally and two-dimensionally periodic gratings.

This facility is a part of the Sensor Science Division's Optical Properties of Materials focus program.

Created October 24, 2012, Updated April 16, 2021