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Maritoni Litorja

Research Interests:

  1. The application of radiometric measurement practices in clinical optical imaging
  2. Quantitative hyperspectral or chemical imaging spectroscopy of oxyhemoglobin and disease-specific biomarkers in medical optical imaging
  3. Dimensional metrology using optical methods.

Research Projects:

Optical medical imaging
Aperture area measurements


Structured Illumination Mueller Matrix Imaging

Joseph P. Angelo, Thomas A. Germer, Maritoni A. Litorja
We perform Mueller matrix imaging (MMI) of diffusely scattering phantoms under sinusoidal irradiance of varying spatial frequency. Quantitative polarimetric

Evaluation of Lateral Resolution of Light Field Cameras

Sowon Joy Yoon, Peter Bajcsy, Maritoni A. Litorja, James J. Filliben
Light field cameras are an emerging imaging device for acquiring 3-D information of a scene by capturing a field of light rays traveling in space. As light
Created October 9, 2019