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Purnima Balakrishnan (Fed)


Exchange-Biased Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect

Peng Zhang, Purnima P. Balakrishnan, Christopher Eckberg, Peng Deng, Tomohiro Nozaki, Patrick Quarterman, Megan Holtz, Lei Pan, Sukong Chong, Eve Emmanouilidou, Ni Ni, Masashi Sahashi, Alexander Grutter, Kang L. Wang
The quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect is characterized by a dissipationless chiral edge state with a quantized Hall resistance at zero magnetic field

Room-temperature valence transition in a strain-tuned perovskite oxide

Vipul Chaturvedi, Supriya Ghosh, Dominique Gautreau, William M. Postiglione, John E. Dewey, Patrick Quarterman, Purnima P. Balakrishnan, Brian Kirby, Hua Zhou, Huikui Cheng, Amanda Huon, Timothy Charlton, Michael R. Fitzsimmons, Caroline Korostynski, Andrew Jacobson, Lucca Figari, Javier Garcia Barriocanal, T. Birol, K. A. Mkhoyan, Chris Leighton
Cobalt oxides have long been understood to display intriguing phenomena known as spin-state crossovers, where the cobalt ion spin changes vs. temperature

Engineering Magnetic Anisotropy and Emergent Multidirectional Soft Ferromagnetism in Ultrathin Freestanding LaMnO3 Films

Qinwen Lu, Zhiwei Liu, Qun Yang, Hui Cao, Purnima P. Balakrishnan, Qing Wang, Long Cheng, Yalin Lu, Jian-Min Zuo, Hua Zhou, Patrick Quarterman, Shinichiro N. Muramoto, Alexander Grutter, Hanghui Chen, Xiaofang Zhai
Owing to their small coercive fields and weak magnetic anisotropy, soft ferromagnetic films are extremely useful for nanoscale devices that need to easily

Magnetic Field-Induced Non-Trivial Electronic Topology in Fe3−xGeTe2

Juan Macy, Danilo Ratkovski, Purnima P. Balakrishnan, Mara Strungaru, Yu-Che Chiu, Aikaterini Flessa, Alex Moon, Wenkai Zheng, Ashley Weiland, Gregory T. McCandless, Julia Y. Chan, Govind S. Kumar, Michael Shatruk, Alexander Grutter, Julie Borchers, William D. Ratcliff, Eun S. Choi, Elton J. Santos, Luis Balicas
The anomalous Hall, Nernst and thermal Hall coefficients of the itinerant ferromagnet Fe 3−x GeTe 2 display several features upon cooling, like a reversal in
Created December 8, 2019, Updated July 12, 2023