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Howard W. Yoon (Fed)

Supervisory Physicist

Advancing spectroradiometry for improvements in fundamental and disseminated standards for spectral power responsivity, spectral radiance, spectral irradiance, radiance temperature, and solar energy.


  • U.S. expert on non-contact thermometry to the Consultative Committee for Thermometry
  • Member of IEC TC65/SC65B/WG5

Research projects


  • DOC Silver Award, 2008
  • Allen V. Astin Award, 2005
  • Allen V. Astin Award, 2004

Selected Publications


Radiative Decay Rate and Branching Fractions of MgF

Eric Norrgard, Catherine Cooksey, Stephen Eckel, Nickolas Pilgram, Kayla Rodriguez, Howard W. Yoon, Yuly Andrea Chamorro Mena, Lukáš Pašteka, Anastasia Borschevsky
Here we report measured and calculated values of radiative decay rates and vibrational branching fractions for the A$^2\Pi$ state of MgF. The decay rate

ITS10 Conference Digest

Christopher W. Meyer, Kathryn Miller, Weston L. Tew, Howard W. Yoon
The 10th International Temperature Symposium (ITS10) was held in Anaheim California on April 3rd to 7th, 2023. More than 180 abstracts were received and

Patents (2018-Present)

Self-Referenced Ambient Radiation Thermometer

NIST Inventors
Howard W. Yoon
In this work, we describe the construction and characterization of an Ambient-Radiation Thermometer (ART) which can measure non-contact temperatures from -50 deg C to 150 deg C. To increase the long-term stability of the responsivity, optical components within the field-of-view of the detector and
Created October 9, 2019, Updated June 7, 2023