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Yuqin Zong (Fed)

Yuqin Zong is the project leader of NIST photometry and a senior electronics engineer in NIST's Sensor Science Division. He has more than 20 years' experience in photometry, colorimetry, and spectroradiometry. His job responsibilities are to develop state-of-the- art measurement technology through research, to realize the NIST scales in photometry, to provide calibration services to the industry, and to participate in the development of the U. S. and international industrial standards.

His recent research is focused on areas such as correction of stray light for array spectrometers and imaging instruments, measurement of high-power LEDs and solid-state lighting (SSL) products, and calibration of optical sensors and imagers using pulsed tunable lasers.

Yuqin is the CIE Division 2 Member for the CIE U.S. National Committee, and was the chairman of the technical committee 2-63 for the publication of CIE 225:2017 "Optical Measurement of High-Power LEDs.” He was also the chairman of the IES working group for the ANSI/IES standard LM-88-18 "Measurement of AC LEDs.” Currently he is the chairman of the IES working group for the ANSI/IES standard LM-85 “Optical and Electrical Measurement of LED Sources.”

Yuqin is the inventor for two US patents. He was a 2008 recipient of the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award for Superior Federal Service for innovation in visible light measurement and standards in support of the conventional and burgeoning solid-state lighting industries, and was a 2015 recipient of the Edward Bennett Rosa Award for enabling the successful development and commercialization of innovative solid-state lighting products through the creation of foundational standards.

Research projects

Applied Spectroradiometry and imaging metrology
Stray-light Correction
Measurement of high-power LEDs
Total spectral radiant flux scale



Yuqin Zong, Ping-Shine Shaw, Joseph Rice, C Cameron Miller
To shorten the long calibration chain when using the conventional source-based approach and therefore to reduce spectroradiometer's calibration uncertainty, we

Recent research and development in photometry at NIST

Yuqin Zong, Maria Nadal, Benjamin K. Tsai, C Cameron Miller
Many developments were made in recent years in photometry at NIST for reducing measurement uncertainties, increasing calibration efficiencies, and adding


Yuqin Zong, Weiqiang Zhao, C Cameron Miller
A large-chip standard LED with superior long-term stability have been developed at NIST. The standard LED uses a large, specialty die rated for 50 W but is
Created October 9, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021