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 Seed and Progress Award

Progress Round Amount: $56,000

Seed Round Amount: $30,000

TTP  Public Demo QuantaSTAT
TTP Public Demo QuantaSTAT
This video is a demonstration of QuantaSTAT's final Tech to Protect project.

Challenge Award

This image shows four headshots of  Heather Sitting, Graham Golder, Stan Adams, and Jeff Lang with a blue ribbon marked "Excellent"

Project Summary

Our application improves first responders' care response by providing better patient capture tools, map-based patient location and triage status, eye in the sky views of all patients and response teams, and the ability to direct and react to changing conditions on the ground. Our proposed approach will significantly improve commercially available technology by modernizing patient ID capture, key triage notes, and patient location information. Providing the ability to gather this information with minimal manual steps and reduced communication time helps first responders expedite victim resolution.


    Tech to Protect Challenge - Modern Triage Management - QuantaSTAT
    Tech to Protect Challenge - Modern Triage Management - QuantaSTAT
    QuantaSTAT was one of the top 25 contestants in NIST's Tech to Protect Challenge.

    Created August 4, 2020, Updated December 2, 2020