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Public Safety

Day in and day out our nation’s police, fire, emergency medical services, and other public safety personnel put themselves in harm’s way to protect the communities they serve. For first responders, effective communications can mean the difference between life and death. PSCR works collaboratively with the public safety community to identify technology requirements that are critical to advancing communications capabilities that will enable first responders to more effectively carry out their mission.

The Future of Public Safety Technology 100K Video Series

PSCR Program Summary
PSCR Program Summary

Open Innovation Overview
Open Innovation Overview


How to Get Involved

PSCR leverages working groups, roundtable discussions, and a variety of other forums to continuously engage public safety practitioners. This collaboration guides PSCR’s strategic direction and informs its R&D portfolio priorities.

Learn more about PSCR’s key research and development topic areas that include a range of opportunities for Public Safety involvement.


See the complete listing of current funding opportunities and learn how Public Safety can participate.


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Created August 29, 2017, Updated February 6, 2018