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PSCR Broadband Communications

Here is a sampling of press that mentions our broadband work or topics directly affected by our work.

  1. "PSCR's June Event to Offer Hands-On Access to Public-Safety Innovation," MissionCritical Communications, April, 2018.

  2. "PSCR: Dereck Orr highlights new features of Stakeholder Meeting in June," Urgent Communications, April 2018.

  3. "Communications at 2018 CES," CSPAN Interview with Dereck Orr, PSCR Division Chief (begins at 23:40 in the following video), January 2018.
  4. NIST Develops Wireless Communications System for First Responders,” (highlights PSCR’s successful techonlogy integration to form its Rapidly Deployable Public Safety Research Platform), MissionCritical Communications, August 2016.
  5. PSCR Location Summit Identifies Z Axis, Maps as Critical Focus Areas,” MissionCritical Communications, November 2015.
  6. Texas Events Highlight Public Safety LTE Research, Real- World Scenarios,” (mentions PSCR location-based services research area), MissionCritical Communications, November 2015.
  7. South Korea Plans to Deploy Mission-Critical PTT over LTE this Year,” (quotes PSCR’s Andrew Thiessen), Urgent Communications, July 2015.
  8. Dereck Orr Highlights Job Opportunities at PSCR, CTL,” Urgent Communications, July 2015.
  9. PSCR Seeks New Participants for Public-Safety Broadband Demo Network,” MissionCritical Communications, July 2015.
  10. Dereck Orr Discusses the PSCR Program’s New Initiatives in Wake of $300 Million of New Funding,” Urgent Communications, July 2015.
  11. International Push Expected to Ensure that Mission-Critical PTT Standard for LTE will be Finalized in 2016,” (quotes PSCR’s Andrew Thiessen), Urgent Communications, June 2015.
  12. FirstNet’s public-safety-centric mindset ‘very different’ than typical federal entity, Swenson says,” (FirstNet Chairwoman Sue Swenson delivers the first day’s keynote address at the three-day 2015 PSCR PSBB Stakeholder Meeting), Urgent Communications, June 2015.
  13. NIST Develops First 'Roadmap' for Public Safety Communications Research” (quotes PSCR’s Dereck Orr), NIST Communications, May 2015.
  14. Feds, FirstNet Build Public Safety LTE Network,” (mentions PSCR role and quotes PSCR’s Dereck Orr), FedTech Magazine, February 2015.
  15. Should FirstNet System be Designed from the Inside Out?,” (mentions PSCR conference presentations), Urgent Communications, August 2014.
  16. PSCR Panel, Attendees Tackle Controversial Local-Control Aspect of Proposed FirstNet LTE System,” (quotes PSCR’s Andrew Thiessen), Urgent Communications, June 2014.
  17. Crystal Ball for Mission-Critical Voice over LTE Timeline Certainly Not Crystal Clear,” (quotes PSCR’s Andrew Thiessen), Urgent Communications, June 2014.
  18. PSCR Attendees Debate LMR Plans in the Face of Progress Toward Mission-Critical Voice over LTE,” (quotes PSCR’s Andrew Thiessen), Urgent Communications, June 2014.
  19. Adams County’s LTE Network Goes Live on 700 MHz Public-Safety Band,” (mentions the value of the network’s proximity to FirstNet and PSCR), MissionCritical Communications, June 2014.
  20. Scenes from PSCR Week — June 3–6, 2014,” Urgent Communications, June 2014.
  21. FirstNet Begins New Era Under Swenson’s Leadership,” (FirstNet Chairwoman Sue Swenson delivers the first day’s keynote address at the three-day PSCR PSBB Stakeholder Conference), Urgent Communications, June 2014.
  22. FirstNet Talks Technology, Outreach at the 2014 PSCR Conference,” (TJ Kennedy, FirstNet Deputy General Manager, discusses the PSCR PSBB Stakeholder Conference and working closely with PSCR), FirstNet Blog, June 2014.
  23. FirstNet Officials Criticize Efforts to Establish Mission-Critical-Voice Standard Outside of 3GPP,” (Mentions PSCR PTT work in 3GPP), Urgent Communications, June 2014.
  24. FirstNet Opens Technical HQ in Boulder,” (mentions value of close proximity to PSCR), Boulder County Business Report, March 2014.
  25. FCC Broadband Initiatives Could Benefit Public Safety,” (mentions PSCR extended-cell testing), Urgent Communications, February 2014.
  26. PSCR Testing Extended-Cell LTE for Rural Use,” (quotes PSCR’s Emil Olbrich), Urgent Communications, December 2013.
  27. PSCR Workshop Prioritizes Public-Safety Broadband Needs,” MissionCritical Communications, December 2013.
  28. Congress Told of ‘Significant Progress’ Toward Mission-Critical Voice over LTE,” (quotes PSCR Program Manager ), Urgent Communications, December 2013.
  29. PSCR Evolves its Testing Capabilities for Public-Safety LTE” (PSCR’s Emil Olbrich is interviewed during the LTE North America conference in Dallas), Urgent Communications, November 2013.
  30. FirstNet Cost, Business Model Questions Pepper House Oversight Hearing,” (quotes PSCR program manager Dereck Orr’s testimony), MissionCritical Communications, November 2013.
  31. FirstNet Outlines 5 Key Criteria for Broadband Investment,” MissionCritical Communications, November 2013.
  32. LTE-Advanced will Bring Several Important Things for Public Safety,” (PSCR’s Emil Olbrich is interviewed),, November 2013.
  33. FirstNet Setting Up Technical HQ in Boulder,” (chosen for proximity to PSCR), Boulder County Bussiness Report, October 2013.
  34. Global Ecosystem for Public-Safety LTE Begins to Look Realistic,” (mentions PSCR’s June 2013 PSBB Stakeholder Conference), Urgent Communications, June 2013.
  35. UK seeks to replace TETRA with LTE as early as 2016,” (PSCR’s Andrew Thiessen is quoted from the PSBB Stakeholder Conference’s June 5 Public Safety Broadband Requirements session), Urgent Communications, June 2013.
  36. Nationwide Modeling for Broadband Network Services,” (An article from PSCR’s NIST Modeling team), IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, June 2013.
  37. FirstNet Launch Requirements a Good First Step,” (PSCR staffer Andrew Thiessen is quoted), Urgent Communications, March 2013.
  38. Public Safety Makes Big Strides in LTE Standards Process,” (PSCR staffer Andrew Thiessen is quoted), MissionCritical Communications, January 2013.
  39. FirstNet Decision on Public-Safety BTOP Awardees Could Come in January,” (PSCR set to help with test and evaluation, says FirstNet board member, Craig Farrill), MissionCritical Communications, December 2012
  40. 4G Walkie-Talkie Nets for First Responders,” (PSCR staffer Emil Olbrich is quoted regrading his presentation at the October 2012, 4GWorld Show in Chicago),, November 2012.
  41. FirstNet Board Outlines Public-Safety Broadband Network Architecture,” (PSCR to test secure transmission from FirstNet to a mobile partner with a RAN and includes band 14), MissionCritical Communications, September 2012.
  42. “Standards for P25 over LTE" mentions the PSCR-hosted Spring 2012 public-safety broadband demonstration network stakeholder meeting), MissionCritical Communications, September 2012.
  43. Public Safety Input Needed on Broadband Technical Requirements,” (PSCR staffer Andrew Thiessen is quoted), MissionCritical Communications, September 2012.
  44. NTIA Says FCC Should License 10 x 10 Broadband Channels for Public Safety,” (PSCR staffer Emil Olbrich is quoted), MissionCritical Communications, August 2012.
  45. PSCR Seeks Global Support for Public-Safety LTE,” (PSCR staffer Andrew Thiessen is quoted), Urgent Communications, August 2012.
  46. APCO Partners with TETRA Group on Broadband,” (Groups to support PSCR efforts to establish public safety standards for LTE in the 3GPP), MissionCritical Communications, May 2012.
  47. APCO, TETRA Association partner to support Public-Safety LTE Research,” (Groups stand behind PSCR efforts researching needs of first responders), Urgent Communications, May 2012.
  48. PSCR to Focus on Public-Safety Broadband Interoperability Tests,” (PSCR staffer, Emil Olbrich is quoted), MissionCritical Communications, April 2012.
  49. Public-Safety LTE Devices for Demo Network in Short Supply,” (PSCR staffer, Emil Olbrich is quoted), MissionCritical Communications, April 2012.
  50. NTIA Official Provides Timeline for Nationwide Broadband Network,” Anna Gomez, Deputy Administrator, NTIA lays out a plan during a live webinar discussion in which the PSCR program’s Andrew Thiessen was also a panelist. Urgent Communications, March 2012.
  51. PSCR’s Orr Appointed to FCC’s Interoperability Board,” MissionCritical Communications, March 2012.
  52. Supporting our First Responders’ Communications Needs,” (NTIA highlights the work of the PSCR program and ITS), March 2012.
  53. (Broomfield, CO) — “State and Local Input Essential to Nationwide Network Success, Say Federal Officials,” (PSCR PSBB demonstration network stakeholder meeting keynote speakers Anna Gomez and Dr. David Boyd are quoted), MissionCritical Communications, March 2012.
  54. (Broomfield, CO) — “Remarks of Deputy Assistant Secretary Gomez at PSCR Demonstration Network Stakeholders Meeting,” NTIA, March 2012.
  55. (Broomfield, CO) — “PSA Celebrates Broadband-Network Victory,” (PSA-hosted celebration kicks off PSCR PSBB demonstration network stakeholder meeting), Urgent Communications, March 2012.
  56. Obama Makes it Official, Signs D Block Legislation,” Urgent Communications, February 2012.
  57. FY 2013 Budget Requests Outline FCC, NIST, DHS Funding,” (NIST plan would expand work of the PSCR program), MissionCritical Communications, February 2012.
  58. Public-Safety Broadband Demo Network Meeting Set for March,” MissionCritical Communications, February 2012.
  59. Motorola Completes First Phase of Public-Safety LTE Testing,” (PSCR staffer Emil Olbrich is quoted), Urgent Communications, January 2012.
  60. Panel: Broadband Will Not Supplant LMR Voice in the Short Term,” (PSCR staffer Emil Olbrich is quoted), MissionCritical Communications, December 2011.
  61. NIST Receives Comments from 30 Sources on Public-Safety Broadband Network,” MissionCritical Communications, November 2011.
  62. DHS OEC Releases Broadband Interoperability Guide,” MissionCritical Communications, November 2011. (The guide mentions the PSCR program’s supporting work. See also the brochure.)
  63. NIST Report Outlines Desired Features for National Public Safety Network,” MissionCritical Communications, November 2011.
  64. NIST Posts Comments on Public Safety Communications Network,” NIST Tech Beat, November 2011.
  65. Public Safety Recommends LTE Network Identifier Details to FCC,” MissionCritical Communications, November 2011.
  66. Safety first for LTE,” (PSCR staffer Emil Olbrich is interviewed),, October 2011.
  67. Panel: Coexistence of LTE, LMR for quite some time is a safe bet,” (PSCR staffer Andrew Thiessen is quoted), Urgent Communications, October 2011.
  68. LTE Standards Body Considers Study on Public-Safety Direct Mode” (PSCR staffer Andrew Thiessen is quoted), Urgent Communications, September 2011.
  69. NIST Seeks Comment on Features of Public-Safety Broadband Network,” MissionCritical Communications, September 2011.
  70. NIST Seeks Comments to Help Build Public Safety Communications Network,” NIST Tech Beat, September 2011.
  71. Performance Metrics Important to Public-Safety LTE,” Urgent Communications, May 2011.
  72. The PSCR program’s Emil Olbrich is quoted in this LTE article, “Technical Work, Spectrum Planning Needed to Make Peer-to-Peer Solutions a Reality,” Urgent Communications, April 2011.
  73. PSCR Signs More Vendors to Supply Gear to Broadband Demo Network,” MissionCritical Communications, March 2011.
  74. R&D Deal Enables Stress Testing of LTE-Based Public Safety Communications Network,” EE Times, March 2011.
  75. Colorado Relocates 700 MHz Narrowband Licenses,” MissionCritical Communications, January 2011.
  76. Public-Safety Broadband Demo Network Devices Roll Out This Month,” MissionCritical Communications, December 2010.
  77. Alcatel-Lucent First to Make Live LTE Calls at PSCR,” Urgent Communications, October 2010.
  78. Alcatel-Lucent Goes Live on Federal 700 MHz LTE Demo Network,” MissionCritical Communications, October 2010.
  79. Alcatel-Lucent Leads Way to Achieving U.S. Nationwide Public Safety LTE Broadband Network,” – Alcatel-Lucent, October 2010.
  80. Public-Safety LTE Closes in on Commercial Reality,” Urgent Communications, October 2010.
  81. 4G Public Safety Network to Undergo First Tests,” GCN, October 2010.
  82. NIST, NTIA Seek Collaborators for Emergency Communications Demo Network,” NIST Tech Beat, October 2010.
  83. From the Field: The 700MHz Broadband Public Safety Demonstration Network,” OEC Emergency Communications Forum, July 2010.
  84. New Research Tracks 700-MHz In-Building Signal Penetration,” MissionCritical Communications, May 2010.
  85. FCC Commissioners Consider Order Outlining ERIC Specifics,” MissionCritical Communications, April 2010.
  86. Broadband Meetings Set Requirements for Demo Network,” MissionCritical Communications, April 2010.
  87. 700 MHz Broadband Demo Network Participation Deadline Set for April 30,” MissionCritical Communications, March 2010.
  88. IWCE Panel: Broadband Voice for Public Safety is Inevitable,” (PSCR staffer Emil Olbrich is quoted), Urgent Communications, March 2010.
  89. D.C. Picked as site for Urban 700 MHz Broadband Public-Safety Demonstration,” Urgent Communications, February 2010.
  90. Q&A: 700 MHz Demo Broadband Network,” MissionCritical Communications, February 2010.
  91. Washington, D.C., Partners with Feds to Test 4G Technology for National Public Safety Network,” Government Technology, February 2010.
  92. District of Columbia Partners with PSCR on LTE Tests for Public Safety,” MissionCritical Communications, February 2010.
  93. NPSTC Commends 700 MHz Broadband Demonstration Network,” MissionCritical Communications, January 2010.
  94. NIST to Test Public-Safety Broadband Network,” Urgent Communications, January 2010.
  95. 700 MHz Broadband Demonstration Network a Step in the Right Direction,” Urgent Communications, January 2010.
  96. Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Program Plans 700 MHz Broadband Demonstration Network,” NPSTC Quarterly Newsletter, December 2009.
  97. 700 MHz Broadband Demonstration Network Planned for Mid-2010,” MissionCritical Communications, December 2009.
  98. Demonstration Network Planned for Public Safety 700 MHz Broadband,” NIST Tech Beat, December 2009.
  99. Task Force Works to Define 700 MHz Broadband Requirements,” MissionCritical Communications, July 2009.
  100. DHS Pilots Interoperable Wireless Network Pilots with City of Washington, D.C.,” Government Technology, September 2008.
  101. Talking Points: Demonstration shows that wireless broadband isn’t just for data anymore,” Urgent Communications, September 2008.
  102. DHS unveils interoperability technology: DHS unit demonstrates new Radio over Wireless Broadband application,” Government Computer News, August 2008.
  103. DHS unveils wireless radio for emergency response,”, August 2008.
  104. DHS Claims Breakthrough in Wireless Broadband Interoperability: New system allows responder radios to communicate with laptops, PDAs for the first time,” Homeland Security Today, August 2008.
  105. D.C. tests public safety system," Washington Times,” August 2008.
  106. DHS, D.C. demonstrate broadband technology,” Federal Computer Week, August 2008.
  107. Testing the Waters in D.C.,” Urgent Communications, May 2008.
  108. News Brief: New Specification Connects Public-Safety Gateways,” RadioResource Media Group, April 2008.
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