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PSCR 2021

PSCR 2021 The Digital Experience will take place June 21-24, 2021

Every year, PSCR’s annual event brings together representatives across public safety, industry, government, and academia to create a force greater than the sum of its parts. Similar to 2020, as part of an ongoing commitment to transparency, PSCR developed PSCR 2021 The Digital Experience for sharing out annual research updates with the stakeholder community.


Results from PSCR 2021

Click the links below to review the infographic and attendee list from PSCR 2021, as well as listen to podcasts about the event.

PSCR 2021 infographic; 710 total registered attendees; 61% were new to PSCR.  30.7% affiliated with public safety; 27.4% affiliated with industry; 25.3% affiliated with Federal government; 18.3% affiliated with state and local government; 9% other affiliation; 2% affiliated with media; Please note attendees could select multiple affiliations - Percentages do not ad up to 100. 4 total plenary sessions; 4.3/5 average satisfaction rating; 4.5/5 highest rated plenary session; 314 total unique attendees
Credit: PSCR

 Thank you for participating!

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Created October 7, 2021, Updated December 23, 2022