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Home Pro-Tech

Seed and Progress Award

Progress Round Amount: $56,000

Seed Round Amount: $30,000

TTP Public Demo - HomeProTech-revised
TTP Public Demo - HomeProTech-revised
This video is a demonstration of Home Pro Tech's final Tech to Protect project.

Challenge Award 

This image shows black and white photos of three women and one man with a green ribbon marked "Very Good"

Project Summary

Our app uses machine learning models to generate pre-incident plans, floor plans, and safety checklists for homeowners through image recognition and semantic classification.​ The app also decreases response time and loss of life by providing critical life saving information to first responders during emergency responses. ​Insurance companies are then able to verify safety equipment, incident plans, and other data to improve risk modeling and save homeowners on their premium.​ Currently no applications in this area for the specific needs outlined by the challenge​. Our technology and application will be leaps and bounds above the current half-solutions​. Providing information critical to saving lives will be much easier with this product, achieving the goal of this challenge​.

    Tech to Protect - Home Pro-Tech
    Tech to Protect - Home Pro-Tech
    Home Pro-Tech was one of the top 25 contestants in NIST's Tech to Protect Challenge. The display of products and services are for demonstration purposes only and does not imply an endorsement by NIST.

    Created August 4, 2020, Updated December 10, 2020