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Seed and Progress Award 

Seed Round Amount: $30,000

Challenge Award 

This image shows the headshots of Conor Patrick, Mykhaylo Bulgakov, and Shane Weeden with a red ribbon marked "Superior"

Project Summary

At Authim, we are enabling smartphones as suitable devices for collecting evidence.  This enables everyone to capture high-quality evidence easily and for little cost.​ Evidence is digitally signed so it remains authentic wherever it is stored.  Standard protocols are used for key management.​ Unlike competing Enterprise solutions, this is a low-cost SaaS product that allows departments to own their photos without being locked into a proprietary solution. Our application allows first responders will be able to collect evidence easily using their smartphones, ensures evidence will have high assurance against tampering, at any time, evidence can be proven to come from a specific source, time and location, and small departments can easily use solution and afford it.​ 

    Created August 4, 2020, Updated December 27, 2022