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2012 Video Quality in Public Safety Workshop

Fourth Annual VQiPS Workshop

The fourth annual VQiPS Workshop saw good attendance with participants from five countries representing government, public safety practitioners, and the private sector.

JUL 26 – 27, 2012 (Denver, CO) — Department of Homeland Security/Office for Interoperability and Compatibility (DHS/OIC), in partnership with the PSCR program, hosted its fourth workshop for Video Quality in Public Safety (VQiPS).

Through the VQiPS project, public safety practitioners, Federal partners, manufacturers, and representatives from academia and standards development bodies are working to improve the way in which video technologies serve the public safety community. The VQiPS workshop is a collaborative working session for these entities to coordinate efforts in establishing quality requirements for video use in public safety. (Proceedings Agenda)

During the workshop, the VQiPS Standards Team lead, Steve Surfaro, presented on draft Video Quality for Public Safety Standards Handbook that the group has developed. The handbook provides voluntary guidance in deploying video quality for network video surveillance applications using established best practices as a basis. Workshop participants listened to a high-level overview of the handbook, then received a copy with a deadline to submit feedback.

Workshop participants also received an introduction to version 2.0 of VQiPS’ online Recommendations Tool for Video Requirements. The tool matches a video user’s unique needs to use cases and provides a video system requirement recommendation. PSCR researchers received additional feedback from public safety practitioners about how the online tool could be improved to be more user-friendly. Usability information gathered during the session will help to ensure that the online tool is well-suited to public safety applications in the future.

The VQiPS Leadership Team reported that Kevin McGinnis, End-User Team Lead, and Carl Kriigel, the Glossary Team Lead, will be stepping down from the group. The Leadership team said they will be greatly missed. The VQiPS Leadership Team recently elected Paul Patrick to be the new End-User Team Lead and John Powell to be the Glossary Team Lead.

Created September 15, 2016, Updated November 2, 2016