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Screen Door Labs

Screen Door Laboratories logo

Virtual Reality Heads-Up Display
4th Place - $10,000 Prize

Using Eye-Tracking technology to show what you need, when you need it

About the Team

Team Members: Kari Wu, CEO; Seth Persigehl, CTO and Tricia Stokes, Creative Director

Screen Door Labs creates software solutions that expand human perception by bringing real-time video, drones, GPS, and geotags into Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. This allows for real-time, informed decision making faster and easier than ever before. Screen Door Labs' software works with several off-the-shelf AR glasses, cell phones, and PCs.

Kari Wu, CEO of Screen Door Labs, fostered her virtual reality experience working at four different companies including Emblematic Group and has more than three years of television news experience. Wu also authored Startup Fever: How Failure Can Prepare You for Success. Wu has an MBA/MS in Media Ventures, Boston University and received a certificate in Human-Centered Design from 

Seth Persigehl, CTO of Screen Door Labs, served as a full-stack engineer with 5+ years government working experience, most recently focused on data visualization in Mixed Realities. He started his experience working with public safety as a former volunteer in an emergency radio group supporting a Virginia fire department, in addition to serving as a former leader in the 1,800+ member DC Virtual Reality meetup group. 

Tricia Stokes, Creative Director of Screen Door Labs, is a veteran of the video gaming industry with 16+ years experience. Her works include AAA titles such as Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and Battlefield series. She worked on award-winning VR content experiences at Emblematic Group, including After Solitary and Greenland Melting (produced in collaboration with Frontline).

The Solution

Screen Door Labs utilizes cutting edge eye-tracking technology to show helpful data only when the user needs it. Their design consists of expandable icons - no more information blocking user's view. Users can turn information on and off by looking at it; it's simple, fast, and informative.

Key Features

  • Eye-tracking technology paired with Expandable Icons: user activates each UI by staring at icons - no more info blocking users' view.

  • Navigation Updates: Reroutes upon triggered events or victim rescue; Provides fastest route to user.


Created July 10, 2018, Updated December 27, 2022