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Here is a sampling of press that mentions our Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) work or topics directly affected by our work.

  1. P25 Compliance Assessment Program Gets Slowly Back on Track,” (quotes PSCR’s Andrew Thiessen), MissionCritical Communications, March 2015. Visit the P25 CAP website:
  2. P25 CAP Transition Continues,” (mentions PSCR role), MissionCritical Communications, August 2014.
  3. P25 CAP Transition Underway, Program Expansion Details Still Unknown,” (quotes PSCR program manager, Dereck Orr) MissionCritical Communications, October 2013.
  4. Zetron Supplies P25 Console to NTIA for Compliance Assessment Tests,” MissionCritical Communications, April 2012.
  5. How to Navigate the P25 Compliance Website,” MissionCritical Communications, February 2012. Updated April 2015 — The latest website ( simplifies finding P25 CAP materials and participation information.
  6. First P25 CAP Supplier Documents Available,” MissionCritical Communications, February 2010.
  7. Project 25 in Action,”, January 2010.
  8. ANALYSIS: Managing Technology Critical Calls,” Government Executive, January 2010.
  9. P25 Meetings Address CAP Conformance Debate,” MissionCritical Communications, October 2009.
  10. Research Program Offers ISSI Test Tool,” Radio Resource Magazine, September 2009
  11. DHS Approves Eight Labs To Test Emergency Responder Radios For Standards Compliance,” Test and, May 2009
  12. Is P25 Finally Reaching Maturity? Compliance testing will give public-safety agencies confidence to take leap,” Urgent Communications, May 2009
  13. “DHS Achieves Interoperable Communications Milestone; Eight labs nationwide approved to test emergency responder radios for standards compliance,” Homeland Security press release, May 2009
  14. Manufacturers Successfully Test P25 Trunking Interoperability,” Urgent Communications, April 2009.
  15. Interoperability Standards; NIST publishes guide for emergency communications testing,” GCN, March 2009.
  16. Vendors Demo P25 CAI Interoperability,” RadioResource Media Group, January 2009.
  17. Finally, A Real Breakthrough; Interoperability testing of P25 radios expected to begin soon,” Urgent Communications, August 2008.
Created September 14, 2016, Updated June 2, 2021