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PSCR 2020

This image background shows the San Diego skyline turning into an audio wave with the text overlay: PSCR 2020 The Digital Experience

Due to the unique challenges of 2020, as part of an ongoing commitment to transparency, PSCR developed PSCR 2020: The Digital Experience for sharing out its annual research updates.

Access session recordings, tech demos, and more via the portal.

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Need help getting started? Read our portal user guide for tips, or watch a tutorial video on portal navigation. 


Results from PSCR 2020

The PSCR team is taking a close look at findings and results from PSCR 2020: The Digital Experience. As we reflect and evaluate our first virtual engagement of this magnitude, we wanted to share with you the facts and feedback we've gathered to date.

View the full infographic.

View the attendee list.

Access the mobile app.


Preview of the Infographic, which can be viewed with a reader by clicking this image or the link to the left of it.

 Thank you for participating!

PSCR 2020 Thank You Video
PSCR 2020 Thank You Video

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Created May 1, 2020, Updated November 5, 2020