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Defender-X4E First Responder UAV logo for FLYT and ManTech's UAS Triple Challenge solution

Team name

Team ManTech/Flyt


UAS 3.2: LifeLink solution summary

ManTech/Flyt’s solution pairs the advanced Defender X4E UAV with an onboard access point to provide data connectivity over WIFI in cellular degraded environments. The UAV includes numerous features critical to First Responders such as long flight endurance (40-60 minutes), quick deployment time, and easy to use controls. Our payload creates a large WIFI dome via omnidirectional antenna to deliver continuous IP based data to first responders spread out in difficult terrain such as forested areas. Our objective is to provide highly portable and flexible equipment while still remaining affordable. With our offering, we demonstrated high bandwidth connections at range in difficult conditions.

Photo of drone sitting on grass

UAS 3.3: Shields Up! solution summary

ManTech/Flyt’s UAV utilizes an encrypted communication link between the ground control station (GCS) and the UAV. All control data and video is sent via an AES 256 encrypted link using special radios on each end. This not only prevents nefarious actors from seeing the video feed from the UAV but also protects against many other potential attacks by securing all the data being broadcasted.

Photo of drone
Photo of black case with drone technology inside

Team biographies

Ansel Misfeldt is the founder of Flyt Aerospace, and chief engineer for their UAV products. He brings nine years of experience in the drone and eVTOL industry to the team and loves designing products that push the boundaries of UAS technologies.  As the head designer behind the Defender X4E, he brings an enormous amount of UAV knowledge to the team.

Greg West is ManTech’s Director of Digital Engineering and Secure Cyber Innovation. With a tactical military background and over 24 years’ experience in Cybersecurity and Technology Innovation he brings a vast and diverse skill set that provides for application of unique spectrum technologies, security and compliance, and operational theory and practice. He has a MS degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance and 13 Professional Certifications.

Nathan Eckerle is a Mechanical and Software Engineer for ManTech with experience in developing advanced Cyber concept solutions for the DoD. He specializes in “out-of-the-box” solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems and the Implementation of Cyber Frameworks across the DoD networks. His unconventional solutions help to drive innovative concepts to reality. Nathan has a BS degree in Engineering and multiple certifications and specialized trainings aligned to his profession.

Kristian Koons is a Cybersecurity Specialist for ManTech who specializes in developing virtual and software defined solutions for his US Navy and DoD customers. His expertise is providing design improvements to existing tactical platforms and engineering support for under development systems through virtual Cyber technologies. Kristian holds an AS degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance and multiple certifications for hardware and software.

Created August 1, 2022, Updated August 11, 2022