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PSCR Interoperability

Here is a sampling of press that mentions our interoperability work or topics directly affected by our work.

  1. Office of Emergency Communications Releases 2012 SAFECOM Grant Guidance,” (FY 2012 SAFECOM Guidance (available here) references PSCR projects and resources supporting Project 25 Land Mobile Radio (P25 LMR)—standards, Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP), and grant guidance decision charts—and Public Safety Broadband (PSBB)—demonstration network and participation), MissionCritical Communications, March 2012.
  2. Public-Safety Agencies Test Free P25 ISSI Modeling Tool,” MissionCritical Communications, September 2010.
  3. Experts call for wider testing of P25 land mobile radios,” Government Security News, May 2010.
  4. Standards Needed to Ensure Interoperability in Public Safety Communications Equipment, Subcommittee Hears,” News from the House Science and Technology Committee, May 2010.
  5. 21 years later, public safety networks still can't talk to each other,” Government Computer News, May 2010.
  6. Interoperable Communications Technologies Need Uniform Testing Standards, Official Says,” Security Management, May 2010.
  7. Oil and Water: Public-safety agencies are finding that encryption and interoperability don’t always mix,” Urgent Communications, July 2008.
  8. Radio Vendor’s Hear Public Safety’s Cry,” Urgent Communications, April 2008.
  9. When Silence Isn’t Golden,” Urgent Communications, April 2008.
Created September 13, 2016, Updated January 17, 2020