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Highly Mobile Deployed Networks

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Project Overview

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The Highly Mobile Deployed Networks project leverages the concept of the Next Generation Deployable Network and falls within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Next Generation First Responder Apex Program and the PSCR DHS portfolio.  Deployable systems (DS) are a critical component for providing coverage to Next Generation First Responders (NGFR) under the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN).

DS are highly mobile and rapidly deployable in nature, it should be expected that these systems will operate in a wide range of environments, in proximity of other deployed and fixed in-band systems, in places with limited or no backhaul connectivity, and where access to restricted frequencies such as Band 14 may be unavailable. Therefore, this project proposes to identify methods for DS to interoperate with other DS via in- and out-of-band wireless networks, share common resources such as components within the evolved packet core (EPC) across multiple systems, virtualize and forward deploy cloud and fog computing based application architectures to reduce reliance on backhaul, and identify methods of leveraging common waveforms such as fourth generation Long Term Evolution  (4G LTE) in unlicensed and unrestricted bands.

Next-Generation Deployable Network

A Next Generation Deployable Network is an LTE-based public safety network comprised of small form factor, self contained, LTE networks and application services which are designed to be independently capable yet interconnect with the nationwide PSBN and other deployable networks to create a dynamic network which adapts to the incident. Technology Evolution provides natural transitions to key features:

Next-Generation Deployable Networks
  • Small cells – many more small LTE networks in the environment
  • Rapidly deployable – brought in at a moment’s notice
  • Multi-platform – airborne (UAS), vehicles, backpacks, etc

Get Involved!

Join the Highly Mobile Deployed Networks Forum! The purpose of this forum is to work together as a community of stakeholders to discuss topics such as current operations, technology ideas, collaboration concepts, best practices, and basically anything else that relates to research in the area of highly mobile deployed networks for public safety. Click here to access the forum.

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PSCR Publications

Check out PSCR's Highly Mobile Deployed Networks resources for more information on the project. 

Created October 12, 2017, Updated August 1, 2022