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Haply logo

Haptic Interfaces for Public Safety Challenge

  • 2nd place: $20,000
  • Most Creative Interface for Public Safety Requirements: $2,500
  • Total Challenge Prize Amount: $32,500

About the Team 

Collin Gallacher, Steve Ding, Felix Desourdy, Christian Frisson, Elie Hymowitz, Phillippe Barid, Lily Jabbour

Haply Robotics is a team of engineers with expertise in creating haptic tools rapidly and with an emphasis on usability and human-technology interaction. Our skillsets include expertise in robotics and mechatronics system controls, and experience in the creation and design of ergonomic haptic tools. We have worked in a wide array of fields, creating haptic tools for the medical, gaming, and training spaces.

Colin Gallacher serves as the CEO of Haply, and has a background in haptic systems from both a hardware and software perspective. He has much experience in manufacturing and design methods having worked as a technical engineer at Canada’s National Research Council. Colin and Steve Ding worked together to build the Haply API and physics engine, key parts of much of Haply’s current tools. Having expertise in electronics and electrical hardware, Steve Ding’s experience in the creation of wearable technology suits him well to accomplish this project. He is the primary architect of all of Haply’s electronics and software, and has developed communication methods suited for haptic communication. In addition to writing the bulk of Haply’s software, he sources and fabricates Haply electrical hardware.

Felix Desourdy has an immense experience in prototyping and manufacturing across a multitude of fields. His most recent work aside from Haply has been at Canada’s National Research Council, having been a key team member in the design, prototyping, and manufacturing of the NeuroVR neurosurgical simulator. As a designer he has prototyped and manufactured Haply’s current products from start to finish using modern manufacturing methods across all material types. His expertise is in mechanical design, and he is the driving force at Haply for exploring ergonomic solutions for Haply devices.

Christian Frisson’s background is in human-computer interaction, and has worked in both the audio and haptic aspects of this space. He develops tools that merge technology with human senses to allows users to seamlessly interact with technology. For our proposal, his expertise is well suited for the creation of communication tools and methods that feel natural.

Elie Hymowitz has a B.Eng in materials engineering from McGill University, having graduated in 2017. His academic background gives him insight into ergonomic design concepts, and he assists in design and testing of components. He manages all technical media and demos relating to Haply products. Additionally, he has past experience working as an EMS responder in Israel and is familiar with medical first-response situations. Phillippe Baird and Lily Jabbour serve as non-technical support for Haply, managing business development and
communication outreach.

Phillippe Baird and Lily Jabbour serve as non-technical support for Haply, managing business development and communication outreach.

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Created December 23, 2019, Updated July 19, 2022