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Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program 2022 (PSIAP-2022)

A web banner of a firefighter in smoke with text that reads, "Public Safety  Innovator Acceleration Program 2022 (PSIAP-2022). Application Deadline  January 18, 2022"

A Federal Funding Opportunity for Public Safety Innovation

Program Description

There’s an urgent need for first responders to have access to the same broadband communications and innovative technologies that consumers and commercials networks now expect. That's why NIST PSCR is seeking applications from eligible applicants for activities to accelerate research, development, production, and testing of key public safety capabilities related to mission critical voice, location-based services, and user interface/user experience. Specifically, this award seeks solutions around accelerating the development, production, and testing of: 

  • Mission critical voice over broadband networks
  • Location-based services
  • First responder-machine interactions

PSCR created this funding opportunity to stimulate external R&D activities addressing critical technology gaps identified by stakeholders and to build a public safety-focused R&D ecosystem with long-lasting impact namely:

  • Promoting cross-cutting research to advance public safety communications technology
  • Transforming public safety operations
  • Addressing critical technology gaps

Informational Funding Opportunity Webinar

Interested parties are strongly encouraged to watch the following webinar recording, which covers an overview of the PSIAP-2022 funding opportunity as well as important information on eligibility and the application process.

Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program 2022 (PSIAP-2022) - Notice of Funding Opportunity Webinar
Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program 2022 (PSIAP-2022) - Notice of Funding Opportunity Webinar
This webinar reviews the NOFO from the Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program 2022 (PSIAP-2022) funding opportunity. 

Important Information for Applicants

Application Deadline Full applications must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, January 18, 2022. Applications received after this deadline will not be reviewed or considered.
Anticipated Funding Amount Funding is expected to range from $300,000 to $600,000 per year, per award for a total of roughly $7M in awards.
Eligibility & Rules The full Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) PDF contains thorough details necessary for starting the application process.
Application Instructions Visit for instructions on to apply.
FAQs View our FAQs for the PSIAP-2022 competition.
NOFO Help? For questions about the NOFO instructions, please contact us at PSCR [at] (with “PSIAP-2022” in the subject line).

Apply now on!

Your ideas can transform public safety operations and improve critical communication technologies! 

More about PSCR’s Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program


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Created September 13, 2021, Updated January 12, 2022