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Factual VR

team name and logo
Virtual Reality Heads-Up Display
6th Place - $5,000 Prize

FactualVR - Complete Situational Awareness

About the Team

Team Members: Eduardo Neeter, Founder and CEO; Virgile Grob, Programmer

Factual VR has a mission to create VR platforms that help law enforcement and prosecutors to accurately replicate and communicate the facts around a crime scene. Their work captures and can reproduce crime scenes using Virtual Reality technologies with the ability to annotate and collaborate throughout the end-to-end process - from crime scene to court room.

Eduardo Neeter, founder and CEO of FactualVR, also serves as Co-Chair of the VRARA Criminal Justice Committee. He has more than 20 years of experience in virtual reality, with his first project in 1996 as the Meta-Museum, a visualization tool for archeologist for the ATR Institute in Japan. He has worked on multiple industries, including consumer products, financial services and emerging technologies, and has an MBA and graduate courses in Computer Science.

Virgile Grob is a game programmer and designer based out of Jersey City, New Jersey. Virgile has a passion for coming up with creative solutions to programming problems, and is currently dedicating his efforts to reconstructing scenes from the real world into immersive virtual reality applications to improve productivity and workflow for law enforcement and prosecutors.

The Solution


Key Features

  • Replicability: Solutions allow ability to capture and reproduce crime scenes
  • Navigation Updates in Real-Time
  • Multiple UI Included: police, firefighter, victim location included with ability to interact through map
Created July 10, 2018, Updated July 17, 2018