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ENGR Dynamics

Shows a white flame with a green glow above, ENGR Dynamic's Logo

About the Team

Tim Kaniss, Computer Scientist; Dave Kaniss, Systems Engineer and Julie Fennell, Ph.D. Sociologist

Engineering Dynamics, LLC specializes in providing innovative solutions to unconventional problems. Our broad portfolio of expertise includes everything from hands-on product development to Program Management, all heavily influenced by Systems Engineering best practices. They focus on making advanced technology easy for regular people to use and using affordable/ commercially available technology.

Tim Kaniss is a Computer Scientist, focusing on interoperability and cross-platform development, with two Masters of Science in Engineering Systems and Modeling & Simulation.

Dave Kaniss specializes in seamless integration of business systems/ technology and long-term sustainability with a Masters of Science in Systems Engineering.

Julie Fennell, Ph.D., has over a decade of experience in sociological research and is skilled in both qualitative research and statistical analysis.

Haptic Interfaces for Public Safety Challenge

  • 3rd place: $15,000 
  • Total Prize Challenge Amount: $22,500

The Solution


ENGR Dynamics: Haptics

ENGR Dynamics focused on providing a solution that provides situationally relevant information to a first responder, without posing a distraction hazard or requiring extensive training to operate. In partnership with haptic provider, Engineering Acoustics, their solution focused on a haptic glove with two tactors (haptic actuators) to assist with directional cues, while allowing the user to have full control and motion of their fingers.

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Virtual Reality Heads-Up Display

  • 1st Place - $25,000 

The Solution


ENGR Dynamics VR HUD Video
ENGR Dynamics VR HUD Video

ENGR Dynamics shared that the goal with their solution is to explore Virtual Reality (VR) applications for first responders by increasing the realism of training environments using VR and training first responders in technology like thermal imaging and LiDAR. They sought to provide information in a timely and non-distracting format and use cheap/ commercially available technology to prepare for Augmented Reality (AR), which overlays data on the real-world.

Key Features

  • Provide visual warning of high temperature areas using thermal imaging
  • Illuminate areas of reduced visibility (dark/smoke) using LiDAR
  • Display life-saving info, such as 02 remaining, with minimal distractions
  • Provide detailed environmental info with available virtual wrist display
Created July 9, 2018, Updated January 3, 2020