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Movie Poster showcasing the team "DV8" and an image of a drone flying across a horizon

Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight and Payload Challenge
1st Place - $50,000 Prize

About the Team

Team members: Truc Quach, Toby Tracy, James Salter, Rudy Voldrich, Ryan Zoller, Chris Maddy

Born of passion, DV8 Tech, was started by a small group of particularly talented and experienced individuals who came together to create a technology and small UAS integration company in the town of Salina, Kansas. With our combined ingenuity and the creative leadership of Ryan Zoller, we aim to provide our clients state of the art technology, in cost efficient ways.

Truc Quach is a self-taught drone expert who has spent the last few years working as a 3D designer & drafter for Koch Industries. He also has experience working with different manufacturing processes and equipment. Truc is very active in RC hobbyist scene and designs, prototypes, races, and co-owns a business selling quadcopter frames.

Toby Tracy is a graduate of Kansas State University, UAS program - Magna Cum Laude. He is an FAA certified remote pilot, private pilot with instrument rating, former multirotor instructor at KSU, and skilled unmanned aircraft technician. Toby is team DV8's technical/operational lead for the UAS flight and payload challenge. 

James Salter is a skilled technical communicator. He incorporates both technical knowledge and writing expertise into his work. He is currently studying Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) at Kansas State University, where he recently completed a senior UAS Design Project to assist first responders.

Rudy Voldrich is an Electrical Engineer, Private Pilot certificate holder, and remote hobbyist pilot. He first started piloting remote aircraft in 1981. He is the President of the local AMA flying field and IMAC competitor. Rudy flies in the giant scale precision aerobatic airplane category and has won many regional contests as well as placing 4th in Nationals. Building circuitry and aircraft for fun, Rudy has even familiarized himself with autonomous aircraft in more recent years.

Ryan Zoller is DV8 Tech's Founder and a technology management specialist. He helped keep the build team in contact with challenge organizers, and ensure parts were available when needed. 

Chris Maddy is the Business Development Director at DV8 Tech, and a Kansas State University UAS program graduate. Chris assisted with the initial concept paper and photography along the path to making ODS a reality.

Everyone at DV8 Tech had a hand in the ODS build/ operations. Credits for their contributions include: Jay Scott for CNC Cutting, Jonathan Weeks as Cameraman and video course construction and Christopher Stewart as Cameraman.

On Demand Support (ODS) is designed for both heavy lift and long endurance missions. This platform is tailored to carry an on-board LTE module which will provide first responders access to vital communication in remote areas.

    ODS Key Features 


    photo of a drone on the grass


    • Fuel source = hybrid powered with on-board gasoline generator & Lithium polymer batteries to provide additional power as needed
    • Weight specifications = < 33lbs UAV with ability to carry up to 20 lb payload plus fuel
    • Expected flight time carrying 10lb weight = ~300 minutes
    • Expected height and distance limit = ability to climb to 100+ feet and a distance of 200+ feet
    • Transmission system = Lightbridge control, 4x Tmotor brushless motors
    • Flight Electronics/ wiring harness = A3 Pro flight controller, with 3 GPS and IMU
    • Air Frame = Quadcopter X design; strong, lightweight, custom-cut carbon fiber and aluminum frame
    • Emergency Shutdown = MOSFET switch running through a FrSky
    Created August 1, 2018, Updated December 27, 2022