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B.EST Solutions

Expanding the SIM Card Use for Public Safety Challenge

2nd Place - $15,000 Prize

B.EST Solutions logo

About the Team

Team Members: Paul Bossack, Senior Security Consultant; Daniil Gussev, Chief Sales Officer; Jurgen Niinre, Mobile Identity Expert; Jana Krimpe, CEO and Co-founder; Rico Christopher Adigazalov, Chief Business Development Officer; Zahir Quiliyev, Chief Information Officer; Margus Arm, Electronic Identity Expert; and Jon Shamah, Digital Identity & Trust Subject Matter Expert

B.EST Solutions, based in Estonia, delivers digital identity and e-governance to new countries. They provide digital identity and e-government solutions to a wide variety of regions, including those with limited internet access and low digital literacy such as Africa, Asia, Latin-America and the Middle East. Over 90 million transactions have been made using their mobile ID system and over 650 e-services have been connected to their mobile ID system.

The Solution

B.EST Solutions developed a solution for storing files containing personal data on the secure area of a SIM card and for using the files in a secure manner with FIDO2 authentication methods. The data can be loaded onto the SIM card over-the-air using SIM card security keys, ensuing that the data can be loaded only by authorized entities. Access to the personal data file is protected with a PIN code or with the user's biometric data. The PIN code or biometric data ensures the data can not be read without the user's interaction. This solution can be used for access rights management and/or for FIDO2 authentication for online services. 

Key Features

  • Access to personal data protected with PIN code or user biometric data
  • Compatible with FIDO2 authentication
  • Able to support over-the-air updates to the SIM Card
  • Can store additional user information (such as a picture, name, etc.)
Photo of a smart phone, with an authentication app opened
Created December 12, 2019, Updated July 19, 2022