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Annual Stakeholder Meeting


Welcome to the web page of the PSCR Annual Stakeholder Meeting

PSCR hosts an annual public safety broadband stakeholder meeting that brings together representatives from public safety, federal agencies, industry, and academia. Participants hear from PSCR engineers and researchers about testing updates, upcoming R&D efforts, and opportunities to get involved. PSCR invites industry leaders and public safety partners to present on cutting edge technology findings, features, and functionalities. The Annual Stakeholder Meeting enables PSCR to receive direct input, guidance, and feedback from their diverse stakeholder community. 

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PSCR 2020: The Digital Experience

Research Updates for Public Safety Communications Creators and Consumers

PSCR 2020 will deliver research updates to YOU this summer. You can expect: 

  • Live broadcasts from public safety leaders
  • On-demand videos organized by location-based services, mission-critical voice, security, user interface/user experience, and public safety analytics
  • Live and on-demand sessions on prize challenge updates from PSCR's Open Innovation team 
  • Webcast panels, including the previously announced SXSW Panel on Augmented Reality for Public Safety
  • On-demand technology demonstrations - and more

Since 2010, PSCR has held an annual Stakeholder Meeting to receive direct input, guidance, and feedback from public safety stakeholders across sectors. This information exchange has been invaluable to the success of the PSCR program and advancement of public safety communications technologies.

That's why, in 2020, as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, PSCR is developing a digital experience for sharing out yearly research updates. This new, virtual format will ensure stakeholders receive the cutting-edge updates they expect from PSCR delivered to wherever they are.

PSCR 2020 is designed for flexibility. Live broadcasts will be planned in 60-75 minute increments, while on-demand sessions will allow you to build your own schedule and participate in this engagement at your own pace!

And, because all PSCR content will be hosted online beginning the week of July 27, 2020, this digital experience will be entirely FREE to all participants. The only thing you have to do is sign-up.



Watch sessions from 2019's Stakeholder Meeting to catch up on all the current research initiatives at PSCR. You may also view all past meeting materials via the Stakeholder Meeting Resource Center



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Created August 30, 2016, Updated April 28, 2020