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2019 Stakeholder Meeting FAQ

2019 PSCR Public Safety Broadband Stakeholder Meeting

Award Recipient Planning FAQ


Q: Will the Michigan Ballroom hosting award recipient demonstrations be locked during nights of the Conference?

A: Yes, all PSCR meeting rooms at The Westin Michigan Avenue will be locked each evening.

Q: Regarding the March 1st deadline in the planning calendar, do you need to know if awardees are planning to attend and present or how many team members will attend and present?

A: The March 1st deadline is to inform PSCR if you will attend the stakeholder meeting, in the scenario that your award ends beforehand. PSCR confirmed they have now heard from each award recipient letting them know that they will attend in the even that their award ends prior to July. If your award is current as of  the Meeting start, July 9th, PSCR expects that you are attending and presenting.

Q: Is there a limit as to how many team members from each project can attend the conference?

A: Although there is no formal limit, please consult your FPO if you plan to have over three team members attend. We understand that some demonstrations require more project members. 

Q: What should I do my project has already exhausted our travel funds?

A: Contact your FPO as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Q: If we have public safety partners working with us and we would like them to attend the conference, how can we pay for their travel?

A: Reach out to your FPO as soon as possible to discuss. PSCR has limited invitational travel available this year, but will do their best to make arrangements.

Q: When is the 'Presentation Information Request' due?

A: Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Q: Are there any registration fees associated for the 2019 Stakeholder Meeting? 

A: Yes, each registration costs $357.00. Please register and pay online at

Created February 26, 2019, Updated May 29, 2019